Weight Loss

Below are helpful links and discussions by the doctor that should help you find a solution to your weight loss problems

You will never succeed at dieting. You can only succeed at changing and improving your lifestyle a little at at time. So don’t rush results, quick results never last.

Read this article first, Why Did the Weight Come back? so you understand the basics of healthy weight loss before starting any new diets or lifestyle changes. After reading this page fill out our FREE TeleHealth Consultation form to meet me in person via the internet to discuss how I can help you with your weight loss and any other health issues you may have.

Nutrition can help; Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Bi-Polar, skin problems, allergies, hormone problems, infections (immune support), digestive problems like heart burn, ulcers or constipation/diarrhea and many other conditions so just ask to see if we have a natural remedy to support your health goals!

Links to Healthy Diets and Healthy Cooking Recipes

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