Weight Loss

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The Reset Diet consists of 3 day steps or phases, 7 of them. Each step is an “elimination” of some food group that relates to a crucial part of your metabolism that is “out of wack!” Most of the steps will be easy and you will most likely only be challenged by one or two of them. This is a variation of the classic Elimination Diet with a re-introductory followup phase. Many people see 5 to 15 lbs of weight reduction when working this program.

Then once your metabolism is “reset” and you have learned your sensitivities a continued weight loss should continue.

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Autoimmune Paleo Diet

The AIP Diet is a true lifestyle diet or eating style and can safely be done indefinitely. Once you have done a “cleanse” like you did in the 21 day Metabolism Reset Program above you are now ready to eat more healthfully for the rest of your life. Read more on the AIP diet and what it entails here.