Diets That Work

Healthy eating means avoiding your food sensitivities and keeping the plate balanced. If you are a Vegetarian then skip the steak in this picture and add your favorite non-soy protein!

The 21 Day Metabolism Reset Program

The “Reset Diet” is not a diet it is a way to cleanse your system and find irritating foods that may be making you sick. It consists of seven, 3 day steps or phases. Each step is an “elimination” of some food group that relates to a crucial part of your metabolism that is “out of wack!” Most of the steps will be easy and you will most likely only be challenged by one or two of them. This is a variation of the classic Elimination Diet with a re-introductory follow-up phase. Many people see 5 to 15 lbs. of weight reduction when working this program.

Then once your metabolism is “reset” and you have learned your sensitivities and now avoid them you should slowly lose some weight. A continued weight loss over months while you learn to eat a new way is the basis of this approach.

Download the Metabolism Reset Program Outline here…

Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP Diet)

The AIP Diet is a true lifestyle or eating style not a “diet” and can safely be done indefinitely. Once you have done a “cleanse” like you did in the 21 day Metabolism Reset Program above you are now ready to eat more healthfully for the rest of your life. Read more on the AIP diet and what it entails here.

Hormone Balancing Diet for Women

The Hormone Balancing Diet is based on a popular book by Dr. Gottfried who is an MD. She has written a few books on weight issues focusing on womens’ problems but her reccomendations work for men too! Here is a simplified guideline that I added to to help you get started. As always if you have any questions contact the office. Good luck on your quest to be healthier!