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Nutrition Response Testing and Functional Medicine with Lab Testing in one clinic

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Nutritional Response Testing: Dr. Kydonieus has advanced training in this highly specific nutritional body analysis technique. He uses muscle testing similar to Applied Kinesiology to check specific body reflexes for weakness. This approach has helped get results when traditional nutritionists and medical approaches did not.

He also uses classical laboratory testing or Functional Medicine as well;  blood work, urine testing for organic acids which can help detect toxic chemicals, heavy metals, mold and bacterial issues.  Hair analysis for mineral balance.  Saliva testing is used to determine if you have good active hormone and neurotransmitter levels.  You will find our diagnostics are very up to date and comprehensive.  

Dr. Armastead gives a great over-view below of the Nutrition Response Testing procedure which uses muscle testing and is based on a person’s neurological “survival reflex mechanisms”.  Watch it.

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