Chiropractic Care

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus holds advanced degrees in chiropractic and nutrition.  “Dr. D” as he is called is your chiropractor and wellness center “coach” for the long haul called, Life. He can help you discover why your body is in pain or has symptoms and find the root cause using nutritional and chiropractic analysis. At this point Dr. D will create a “care plan” to improve and return your body to its normal state.

Chiropractic in 6 minutes

Chiropractic is the science and art of finding and fixing nervous system interference which decreases the body’s ability to communicate normally thus creating poor health. This condition is called a SUBLUXATION.  By removing the interference and correcting the subluxation using a chiropractic adjustment the body can heal itself naturally and without drugs or surgery in most cases with the newly restored nerve communication.  There are two categories of chiropractic adjusting styles; manual or by hand and instrument adjusting– high speed joint/nerve stimulation. At our Wellness Center we provide both types of chiropractic adjusting care as it takes unique multiple techniques to deal with all the different types of people and subluxations out there! But sometimes in our modern, toxic world adjustments may not be enough to stay well and targeted nutritional support is needed.  This combination of adjusting and nutrition is actually the original chiropractic theory of health illuminated by Dr. D.D. Palmer the discoverer of chiropractic in 1895!  Somewhere in modern times chiropractic got away from paying attention to the nutritional part of nerve interference.  D.D. Palmer’s basic tenant of health restoration was that whatever was causing the nervous system to react abnormally must be remedied. If you fell and “jammed” your back you needed an adjustment. If you were exposed to an environmental toxin or ate too much refined white flour and this made your pancreas weak resulting in diabetes affecting your nerves and causing the back spasms and subluxations then the chiropractor had to figure that out and help you fix it so your back “held” the adjustment better. What the medical doctor misses here is the fact that the organ now weak irritates the nervous system sending “bad” signals back to the spinal cord causing muscle nerve irritation which causes spinal spasms resulting in vertebral misalignments -back pain!  All the adjusting in the world won’t “fix” the problem it will just come back unless you fix the pancreas with nutrition and avoidance of the toxin or sugar in this example.
A Chiropractic Activator Instrument Adjustment
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