Video Testimonials

Below are some of Dr D’s Patient’s talking about their results.

Dr. D’s  other videos are listed on his Health Video Page and you can find all his videos on his Youtube Channel by clicking here.  These videos are informational and philosophical giving the viewer insights and understanding into what makes nutrition and chiropractic different from medical care.  How nutrition can support the body even when dealing with cancer, heart, kidney and autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis just as effectively as medicine but without the side-effects of harmful drugs.

Maria my First Virginia Patient!

See what Richard has to say.  He was skeptical at first but soon changed his mind.

Baby’s first chiropractic adjustment at 2 weeks old.

This is Shana a very busy Mom who loves our care!

And Michael a Special Olympic multi-gold medalist with Cerebral Palsey.

And the Morris Family, father and son!

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