Diets for Alziemher’s

How many posts, articles on eating healthy to avoid this disease or that will it take for you to improve your lifestyle? Well here is another one... Eating mostly vegetables, low to moderate fruits and grains with moderate proteins (meat,

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Saliva collection for hormone testing

Hormones Got You Down

Ladies are you experiencing any of the following? Irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, painful periods Hair loss or thinning and/or growth of facial hair Hot flashes or night sweats Low libido or painful sex Vaginal dryness/atrophy/pain Skin changes: Rapid aging, wrinkles,

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Growing Plants That Make Drugs

New technology in pharmacology is exciting. They are using specifically engineered plants to create biomolecules that are medicines! Weather this proves to be a "good thing" or not will have to be evaluated later on. For now this lowers the

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toxic sucralose

Sucralose Damages YOUR DNA

A recent study done by the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill investigated the molecular damage that a comon artifical sweetener, Sucralose can cause. They looked at the cells lining your large intestines (transverse colon) and found that the

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allergies can be helped naturally

Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Be aware that some foods cross-react with pollen. That means the immune system cannot always tell the difference between pollen and a related food. For example, if you have an allergy to a specific type of pollen and you eat a cross-reactive

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