toxic sucralose

Sucralose Damages YOUR DNA

A recent study done by the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill investigated the molecular damage that a comon artifical sweetener, Sucralose can cause. They looked at the cells lining your large intestines (transverse colon) and found that the DNA of those cells was damaged after being exposed to Sucralose that leaky gut also occured. Leaky gut is a condition caused by many things not just artifical sweeteners where the cells lose their adhesiveness to each other and gaps develope in the lining of the intestines that let undigested food get directly into the blood stream where they do not belong.

Leaky gut is the beginning of Autoimmune Disease. But this new finding of DNA damage and Leaky Gut is very disturbing and in my opinion explains one of the reasons for the explosion of chronic degenerative disease and cancer of the GI tract.

So again just anotyher reason to avoid artifical “anything” in your diet. There are foods and supplements that can reverse Leaky Gut and help a person guard against cancer. Just reach out and ask us!

Read the research paper here.

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