About Us

At Life Enhancing Wellness Centers the person is our focus not the complaint. We are about “natural” healing approaches to health and not sickcare focused. We are not against medical care but our goal is to get your body well enough to not need medicines or surgeries or even us! This cannot always happen but it is our goal as that is what brings most people to our center.  We use many “natural” techniques depending on what you need to get  you well.

Our approach is multifaceted.  Dr. Kydonieus’s holistic approach to healing has many parts or “tools”,.  Just as a carpenter uses many tools to fix a damaged wall he wouldn’t only use a hamner that’d be silly, he’d need a screwdriver, sheetrock tools, a sander and painting tools to do a complete job.  Dr. Kydonieus looks at your problems by evaluating your nervous system and physiological health using high tech and “old fashioned common sense doctoring” to find out what mix of holistic tools he will need to get you well.  He uses nutrition, chiropractic, physical therapy, shoe inserts (orthotics) and exercise education to get you well and back on track with your life.  Your care plan if you decide to come here for treatment will consist of more than just one modality.  If you already have a chiropractor and just want him to be your nutritionist we can do that and he can give your chiropractor his thoughts on what might work best for you since he is an expert chiropractor.  If you already have a nutritionist and just need a chiropractor that works too and since some of his analysis techniques overlap he can give your nutritionist his findings so they can customize your nutritional program even better .  But always remember he will be giving YOU advice on all these things not just the one thing he mainly uses to treat you each visit.  He is your doctor and you have chosen him because of how he thinks ALL these modalities would fit best and work together to get you well nutritionally, hormonally, digestively, orthopedically and chiropractically. 

If you wish to get well the way your body was meant to, call use today and schedule your new patient consultation, 434-481-2012.

Here is Laura, see what she says about our care.

She had great success with Dr. Kydonieus’s multidisciplinary approach and received Nutrition Response Testing, chiropractic and physical therapy to get the results she talks about here.

More Video interviews with some of our patients, click here.

If you are ready click here to go to the NEW PATIENT FORMS page so you can download and fill them out before you come in for your first visit.

What We Offer at Our Wellness Center

  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Chiropractic Adjusting
  • Heart Rate Variability Testing for Autonomic Nervous System stress analysis – are you burning out on the “inside”?
  • Surface EMG (muscle nerve testing)
  • Spinal Thermography (“organ” nerve testing)
  • Nutritional Blood Testing when necessary
  • Hair Analysis when necessary – sent out to an independent lab
  • Physical Therapy, ask your MD to refer you here to get PT and Chiro in one place!
  • Cold Laser Therapy for acute and chronic injuries like sprain/strains
  • Electric Muscle Stim for pain relief
  • Massage Therapy  (deep tissue and lighter work)
  • Custom Flexible Orthotics by Foot Levelers. Computerized 3D foot scan and full biomechanical posture report.
Original Watercolor greeting card by Conni Lefon 2019

Visit a very talented local artist, Conni Lefon who also happens to be a member of our staff. She does beautiful tile, greeting cards and paints vases and glasses with a great water color style!