Tried to Lose Weight Only to have it come back in a year or two?

Losing weight too fast can make you sick!

You are not alone

You’ve tried all the diets; Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Mediterranean, the smoothie diet, the banana diet and none of them lasted. 


Understanding why your body is holding onto unhealthy fat is crucial in determining why you’ve had so much trouble losing weight and keeping it off. 

Non-food issues like heavy metals, pollution and immune toxins are usually the hidden culprits. Fat is protective, locking toxins away so they can’t hurt the other tissues and organs. If you lose weight too quickly and dump all those stored toxins into the general circulation you end up thin and “sick”! This triggers your body to store fat and takes you back to being overweight. You end up holding onto calories to help insulate your cells from the dangerous toxins that have built up in your body over years. The fat returns.

Depending on your age and genetics your body is and has been accumulating toxins from all the pollution around you and storing it in your fat cells on a daily basis. Imagine 30 to 60 years of breathing city air, car exhaust, chemical air “fresheners”, or country air filled with Roundup weed killer sprayed on crops and roadsides not to mention the chemical fertilizer dust and your suburban neighbor’s incessant spraying of yard chemicals to make their grass greener all season long! The Chesapeake Bay and the entire state of Florida are in serious trouble now from all the subdivisions and golf courses using grass chemicals that drain off into the sewers and eventually into the rivers, bays and sea shores making those waterways highly polluted which then causes dangerous algae blooms like red tided killing fish and sea life for miles! What do you think happens when those “yard chemicals” accumulate inside you and your children? Nothing good, I can tell you.

Now add all that pollution around your lovely green, “no weeds in the lawn” neighborhood to the food pollution you are eating every day. You gain weight and become unhealthy as you age. Over time from your youth well into your 60’s if you are lucky enough to live that long you are overweight, sore all the time somewhere, have no energy and are taking 5 or 10 prescription meds and you still feel lousy!

All the highly processed, man-made foods that you and your kids eat on a daily basis build up inside your body and are stored out of the way inside your fat cells. Why do all fast-food burgers look identical, how do they make “beef” look perfect 100 million times a year around the world? Food chemicals and meat glue is how! These highly processed preservatives and food additives make you sick over time, there is no escaping it. And now in the last 25 years GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are everywhere. The idea of making crops more resistant to drought and pests is a good one but the problem with GMO is that it is molecularly different from what our body can recognize. We do not have all the necessary enzymes to break down these scientifically created molecules, our enzyme systems have not evolved that far yet. We need new enzymes or pathways to fully digest these new GMO molecules properly.

Since we don’t all those perfect digestive pathways yet that means large undigested molecules have to be dealt with by the gut with our current genetic system. When this is incomplete the immune system is called in to clean up the mess and treat these large molecules as “foreign invaders”. The improperly digested GMO food particles now trigger gut inflammation called, Leaky Gut which can then trigger autoimmune responses in the rest of the body. This should NEVER happen. Also you don’t get to use all the nutrition stored in those GMO food molecules. Slower more detailed research is needed on GMO foods so they can be used better by the body and not trigger autoimmune reactions.

It all adds up to an overweight world where autoimmune diseases, cancers and emotional brain disfunction (school shootings??) are common and heart breaking. These disease rates are sky rocketing in our modern world! Autism now occurs 1 in approximately every 150 births!  Soon experts say that rate will be 1 in 25 births!  That is scary!

So what can you do to keep the weight off and stay healthy?

When you contact our Holistic Center for a consultation, you will finally find out why your previous attempts to lose and keep the weight off have failed. Why your thyroid or adrenals are not working properly. Why you or your child’s mood and anger issues seem to be getting worse. If you start a Program at our office we will create a personalized eating style, supplement and detox program that fits your body and genetics based on testing. No low-carb starvation diets here, we teach how to eat for life! Now you will lose weight, reduce medications and actually keep the weight off indefinitely if you apply what Dr. D teaches you about YOUR BODY. It will really work this time.

Learning what you have become sensitive to and how YOUR body’s genes react to and get rid of “bad foods” and pollution is the first step in building your plan to not only lose weight but to protect your future and increase the active fun years of life you have left. That is what Dr.  D can help you figure out with his natural, holistic, non-drug approach.

These approaches take time and not instant fixes.  Learning why your body is not giving you what you want after a lifetime of misinformation can take months or even a year or two to finally get it “right”. So expect to be here for a while for Holistic Care.

Prepare yourself for your “Degree in Holistic Understanding of My Body” and call Dr. D when you are ready to start being healthy for the rest of your life! Nutrition Response Testing and Functional Medicine can find out EXACTLY why your previous attempts to lose weight and getting off the prescription meds have not worked for you so far.

Contact Dr. D when you are ready. We offer:

  • TeleNutrition Counseling Programs via Zoom, all supps are drop shipped so you don’t have to be local to get help
  • Home Sample Collection for Detailed Lab Testing when necessary
  • In-Office Nutritional Reflex Testing and Counseling
  • In- Office Chiropractic adjusting for the best nervous system care