Vaccines and Aluminum, More Proof They’re Bad

‘Hidden’ Occupational Allergens Such as Additives

Santiago Quirce; Darío Antolín-Amérigo; Javier Domínguez-Ortega


Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018;18(2):67-72.

Aluminum is one of the most widely used adjuvants in medications and vaccines, also used as a coloring agent in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Contact allergy to aluminum has been not only reported after allergen immunotherapy and common vaccinations, presenting as itchy subcutaneous granulomas, but also as occupational contact dermatitis and more recently occupational asthma.[40] Moreover, it has been recently described as an inducer of a type-I hypersensitivity reaction after tetanus vaccination.[41]

Dr. D Explains

So what does that mean…you can be allergic to Aluminum  and suffer that reaction in addition to the toxic build up inside your organs.  When you get an injection that has aluminum in it your white cells, called macrophages will grab it(eat it like a Pacman), wall off the site(red and swollen) and then the aluminum which is not alive accumulates inside these “defense” cells and it slowly kills them.  But the bad thing is that these cells can pass through the blood-brain-barrier and if these cells die around your brain the aluminum will be deposited there to build and become toxic to the brain cells.  It stays there forever!   Can you say, “ADD, Autism, psychopathic behavior (school shootings, teen suicide rates higher than ever before), etc…”
Yes we have natural chelation processes but they don’t work that well in the brain due to the blood-brain-barrier.  So chelating nerve tissue is very slow.  I know I do for this for patients in the office all the time.   But once the damage  during fetal development has been done it doesn’t seem to be reversible so brain-damage is permanent like in Autism.   So how do you give yourself the best preventative against fetal brain damage?  Keep yourself in top health BEFORE pregnancy and stay that way throughout.   (If you are not sure call for a consultation).
In closing.  Vaccines today are given in huge numbers more than I ever had back in the 60’s!  Outrageous doses and schedules that the medical establishment suggests is okay are now slowly coming to light as very wrong and dangerous based on their own research!  Stand up for your right to protect your body and your children’s bodies.
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