Omicron May Make You Symptomatic but the Vaccine Should Keep it Mild

“Preliminary studies suggest that existing vaccines for Covid-19 falter in preventing symptomatic infections caused by the new coronavirus variant, but protection against severe disease is still high.” In other words you may become symptomatic with a Covid infection but you should get over it without complications if you were vaccinated. But yes, if you take care of yourself nutritionally you too will most likely be able to handle any infection without serious complications without a vaccine but you will still be contagious and can spread the disease to others who are “weak”. Of course any unknown underlying genetic and past health history issue could cause a more severe reaction with any type of infection (this is the seemingly healthy young person who dies from Covid or the flu).

Again the issue here is not the vaccine or any disease, it is YOUR health habits. We all need to take better care of ourselves nutritionally and chiropractically. All of my patients who have gotten Covid have gotten through it with little or no symptoms. Their commitment to regular chiropractic spinal “tune-ups’ and Nutrition Response Testing is a big part of why they were able to do this in my opinion. No chiropractic or supplements do not “cure” infections but they maintain the highest level of brain-body connection so that YOUR BODY can do what it was programed to do, keep you healthy. Get checked today.

Read this new study behind this here.

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