The Unusual Symptoms of COVID-19


Although respiratory distress is the predominant complication of COVID-19, there are also rare, yet serious, neurological ailments that may arise. A survey of UK hospitals found that some patients also experience strokes, dementia-like symptoms, and delirium. The findings were published on June 25 in The Lancet Psychiatry.

Throughout April, neurologists in the United Kingdom used databases to find 125 hospitalized patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and also experienced certain neurological afflictions. More than half of the patients suffered a cerebrovascular event, with 57 patients enduring an ischemic stroke, while nine had an intracerebral hemorrhage. 

“These relatively rare but incredibly severe complications get missed, like needles in a haystack,” Benedict Michael, a neurologist at the University of Liverpool and senior author of the paper, tells Science News. “Now that we know the rough idea of the scale of this, we desperately need research that gets to the disease mechanisms.”

See “Strokes Reported Among Some Middle-Aged COVID-19 Patients

An altered mental state was the second most common neurological malady, with 39 patients experiencing new-onset psychosis, neurocognitive decline, or other conditions.

The patients from the survey ranged in age from 23–94. While patients of all ages were roughly equally likely to experience an altered mental state, those over age 60 were more than four times more likely to have a cerebrovascular event than their younger counterparts were.

“This actually is a direct effect, in some people, of the virus going into brains,” Mark George, a psychiatrist and neurologist at the Medical University of South Carolina who was not involved with the study, tells STAT.

See “The Unusual Symptoms of COVID-19

It isn’t clear whether these symptoms of delirium are coming from the virus or if the hospital’s stressful conditions are at least partially to blame. The New York Times reports that some changes aimed to minimize the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in hospitals, such as little human contact from the use of head-to-toe protective equipment for healthcare workers and the lack of visitors, have made hospitalization more stressful than normal. On top of that, fighting the virus has its own inherent challenges, including decreased oxygen intake and cumbersome attachments to machines.

“It’s like the perfect storm to generate delirium, it really, really is,” delirium expert Sharon Inouye of the Hospital Life Elder Program tells the Times. The article recounts the case of a 31-year-old COVID-19 patient from Tennessee, not included in the survey, who experienced hospital delirium as a terrifying ordeal, hallucinating situations such as burning alive, being attacked by cats, and being experimented on in another country. Once, the visions were so vivid and scary that she ended up pulling out her ventilator tube.

Because the UK survey focused on hospitalized patients, it does not shed any light on how many people with COVID-19 might be experiencing milder neurological symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, or altered sensory perception. It is also unclear how long patients could expect to experience these symptoms.

“There’s increased risk for temporary or even permanent cognitive deficits,” psychiatrist Lawrence Kaplan tells the Times. “It is actually more devastating than people realize.”

Comments From Dr. Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

Since we now know that COVID-19 attacks the cells that line our blood vessels and most of the organs in our body, called endothelial cells therefore the symptoms that we are encountering with Corona are not unusual, those organ linings are failing. Think of your house plumbing, if all the insides of the pipes are full of rust and crap limiting the inside diameter of those pipes you are more likely to have problems when “clog” goes down the drain. Now compare those nasty rusty pipes to plumbing that is shiny and smooth on the inside in a house that uses things to prevent corrosion. Things just slide on through or get stuck a little but then quickly go back to normal and things flow well!

A person’s lifestyle seems to be the biggest factor as to how bad COVID-19 or any disease will affect us. As far as what part of your body the worst and becomes symptomatic depends on your genetics and what damage your lifestyle has caused to your “insides”. The chemicals we eat and breath with modern comforts have weakened our cells. This disease is an attack on our modern, commercialized way of living.

A little chemical additive here, a touch of artificial color there, eat too many sweets, take this drug for a quick fix even though all the TV commercials list tons of deadly side effects and poof you have a weak body! Even blood pressure drugs can damage the body over time. So why do you take BP meds because you won’t change your lifestyle to fix it. But as the TV commercials numb us to the dangers of modern medicine COVID-19 is running out of control attacking drugged up, sugared up bodies. Wearing a mask and standing 6 feet apart won’t make the virus go away, these are bandaides.

So again we are back to our modern, mass production way of living and how to balance the comforts and luxuries it gives while not neglecting our bodies. We were told those “comforts” and drugs are okay, even good for us! They won’t hurt anybody in the long run, right? Well I believe we are seeing what overuse of prescription drugs, recreational drugs, chemical additives in our food, GMOs, and all the toxic waste we dump in the waterways and ground along with the air pollution we create are doing to our bodies and the entire planet. This virus preys on the “weak” those with comorbidities (comorbidities are other health issues that eventually will kill you anyway) and COVID-19 just speeds that process up! As well as a few unlucky genetically weak individual too.

Those that will survive this like those that survived the Black Plague of the Middle Ages are the ones that eat consciously and live a healthy lifestyle…no surprises here. But the difficult thing to determine is, “What is the healthiest I can be based on MY genetics and lifestyle?” There is not one size fits all magic cure here. This question can only be answered by a person educated in NORMAL physiology, one who has been taught to understand and read the body’s reflex system via the nervous system and address specific areas of interference and poor body communication and nutrient imbalances.

Chiropractors and Naturopaths are the most schooled in this area. MD’s are great emergency care specialists but don’t make you healthier. They patch you up is all. No vaccine will save you from diseases like this either. Prevention is what will keep you and your family safe. Commitment to regular holistic visits. Just like regularly changing the oil in car makes it run for 200,000 miles. Don’t commit to regular oil changes and the engine dies at 50,000 miles!

You cannot figure your body’s specific needs without outside help, you need a coach. Nutrition Response Testing can determine a specific, customized eating and support program for you and your genetic/lifestyle needs. This along with regular chiropractic adjusting to stimulate your nervous system and brain connections so that hormones and the immune system function at their best will help you have the best health and strongest body possible! Now you will no longer be a victim of the modern chemical age.

All this is done without drugs or invasive procedures. Totally natural.

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