Obesity more than Doubles Your Risk of Corona Infection

Now you can add Corona Virus susceptibility to being over weight

A new study just came out last Wednesday, April 15, 2020 that found a link to being over-weight and your chances of contracting COVID-19 or the “Coronavirus”. No surprise here. Jennifer Lighter, M.D., from the NYU School of Medicine/NYU Langone Health in New York City, and colleagues conducted a retrospective analysis of body mass index (BMI) stratified by age in symptomatic patients who were positive for COVID-19 during March 4 to April 4, 2020. Basically she noted that the heavier you are the more likely you are to be sick and symptomatic with the virus. If you also have any of the other comorbidies ( over health issues things that make you more susceptible/dying from Corona) being over weight will really push you over the edge.

So now what do you do?

Stop eating sugar, stop drinking sugar no soda no fruit juice. NO alcohol which is ‘high-test’ sugar! The booze craze that has hit the world with quaranting is nuts. Not only are people wrecking their metabolisms (“News Bulletin: livers are under extra stress these days”) but the sugar affect on your metabolism is making things real bad for you. Binge eating salty, bready, sugary foods is putting on the pounds! The YouTube videos on weight gain are all over the place. All these things are priming people like you for a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and now easier infection and possible death from COVID-19!

Watch the work out videos, focus on getting in better shape. Learn about healthy eating and portion control (this is the tough one for me, Dr. D). Healthy foods are not all green go read up on this subject. The more raw uncooked foods you eat the better, get your fiber too but not from grains. Organic, non-GMO foods are best but if you can’t find them then get the mass produced meat and veggies your body will like it better than bread and sugar all the time.

Plant that patio or window garden if you don’t have a yard. If you have a yard plant a big garden so you can share with family and neighbors who cannot plant one. Buy non-GMO seeds! No chemical weed or bug sprays either. Dolomite dust is great for bugs.

Eating healthy when you want to binge on ice cream and pizza is going to be to tough. You can still enjoy sugary treats just make it a ‘reward’ instead of a daily thing. Save the ‘cheat’ foods for once or twice a month and then dish them out in a portion and put them away before you sit down to eat your yummy desert so you don’t go for seconds and over-eat the junk food! Set examples for your kids about good eating habits, as they are very suscetable to junk food eating.

Too many kids are over weight, I see it every day and it worries me. You are not helping our children by giving them cakes and cookies and breakfast cereals. Yes Kellogg’s will make you fat. YOU are slowly killing your child and dooming them to life of pain and disease as over-weight adults by giving into their demands for bready, sugary, salty treats all the time. Breakfast is one of the biggest places you have been brainwashed into doing wrong. Stop the breakfast cereals and pancakes (no grains). “Letgo of the Eggos,” get them out of the house! Meat, smoothies( 1/2 piece of fruit max/smoothie though) and eggs and bacon are great breakfast choices. NO toast or orange juice, save those for special breakfasts. Healthy fats are good for us all.

Go online and look up grain free, low starch eating habits and don’t be a COVID-19 statistic.

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