Why are kids killing kids?

Decades of Big Pharma Pushing Drugs on Children

Adderall “speed” you give your teen to treat their ADD will ruin their brain.. They might go out and shoot someone!

Short and sweet; Drug companies are and have been trying to expand their user base like any company looking for more profits and they will continue this practice as long as they are for-profit entities.  When I first read 20 years ago that they wanted to lower the age of prescribing Prozac to 2 year olds without research it made me sick!  How do you know if a 2 year old is clinically depressed?  If they are get them outside in the sunlight and start playing games of tag with them but don’t  put them on an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and screw up their developing brains forever!  I guess the Ritalin and Adderall scripts were not flowing fast enough for them.

Kids for decades now have been told they were “hyper” and since two full time working parents could not spend enough time to deal with an “active” child drugs must be the answer.  The teacher who now has to buy pencils for a class that has too many students in it due to budget cuts says, “Mrs. Jones little Tommy is acting up and not paying attention.  He doesn’t seem to understand the materials… I think he is “Hyper” or ADD and needs to see a doctor for medicine to calm him down”.    Now 30 years later putting millions of kids on Class 2 narcotics same as cocaine and meth -(Oh the doctor didn’t tell you that when they prescribed Ritalin for little Johnny?)  and teen suicides are higher than ever and we have teens killing people because they were bullied or broke up with their girlfriend badly….  This NEVER happened before we started putting kids on drugs. Guns have been around for centuries so it’s not the access to guns.  It’s the messed up brain chemistry of developing minds from being medically prescribed psychotropic “legal” drugs for years.

Now there are other factors that go deep in our society and have to be worked out for sure but if you ruin a brain all the gun control, less screen-time and social parenting reform will not do a darn thing.  Get the kids off meds, watch what they eat and keep them active and away from the screens as much as possible.  Oh yea get their spines checked for nervous system interference and have them seen by the chiropractor regularly.

The saying in my office since I adjusted my first newborn back in 1988 has been, “It’s much easier to grow a healthy child than it is to fix a broken adult.”

baby adjusting
Adjusting newborns and all kids is safe and necessary for the best development. Without it you neglect their health.

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