benzene is toxic

Toxic Benzene Found in Tons of Personal Care Products

The contaminant Benzene has been found in aerosol or spray products, some at levels the Food and Drug Administration characterized as “life-threatening”. This according to Tom Perkins of

Where is all the chronic illness and these days cancer coming from… Most of us realize it’s from chemical contamination of our food, our air, our environment but did you suspect that your hair spray or deodorant may be making you sick! Personal care products are one of the toxic areas of our lives that we commonly over-look. This category includes skincare, sunscreens, shampoo, household cleaning and soaps of all kinds.

“The lab, Valisure, last year detected benzene in hand sanitizers, sunscreens, deodorant, dry shampoos, conditioners, antiperspirants, deodorants, body sprays and anti-fungal treatments. The contamination has been most frequently detected in aerosol or spray products, some at levels the Food and Drug Administration characterized as “life-threatening”. Valisure found the most frequently contamination was in body sprays, which includes deodorants and anti-perspirants: nearly half of the 108 products from 30 different brands contained it. The highest levels were found in Sure, Old Spice, Secret, Equate, Right Guard, Tag and Brut.

Valisure tested nearly 300 sunscreens or after-sun products and found detectable levels in 77, or about 27%, of samples. Among those with the highest levels were Neutrogena, CVS, Sun Bum, Raw Elements and Banana Boat. Though spray-on sunscreen was found to be contaminated most frequently, the chemical was also detected in lotions and gels.”

Look for organic and less ingredients in these products just like you would food products whenever possible. Yes I know that “organic” is not a common label on these types of products but it is showing up. But no matter how hard we try toxic chemicals and heavy metals will find their way into our lives so Detox is a necessary nutritional habit to learn. Or seeking an educated Functional Medicine or Naturopath for “check-ups” is the best idea. Let an expert help you and find out specifically what your toxic load is and how best to lessen it with a personalized natural support program.

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