Support Youths Trying to Stop School Violence

Kids Killing Kids

Wow that title really hit me as I typed it just now, “Kids killing kids”.  Saddens me beyond belief.  While everyone is hot to look at guns as the “cure” to this problem I really don’t think any of them see the problem.  If they did they would know it is much deeper and a backlash of our modern culture’s drive for instant gratification and more “stuff”.  Feel better instantly, bigger houses, faster cars, more food, more electronics, instant replies to our texts or we’re devastated and drugs to make our bad habits okay, video fantasy worlds and so on.   We neglect our health by eating and sitting too much.  Then when we get “sick” we want it gone immediately or at least we don’t want to “feel” it but when the “feeling of being sick” goes away we assume we’re are “well”.  We are not.  Just not feeling sick is NOT being well.  We have been taught to base our lives on how we feel rather than how we live them. 

If you have high blood pressure your heart or circulation is not “good” so you take a pill but no medical doctor tells you to eat less sugar or breath better air or take supplement to improve your overall health but I do because it works. I don’t treat your blood pressure I care for your body to make it normal again.  Normal means not having to take medicines for the rest of your life. How about our kids health?  When your child has an active and time-demanding personality we call them “hyper”, the teachers and the MD’s tell you to put them on a drug like Ritalin  or Adderall to make them “fit in” and stay in line. Now Mommy and Daddy are selfishly for this as they have demands outside the child that they love but it would be nice not having to watch their child so intensely.  And “he” just doesn’t seem to listen and is a discipline problem most of the time.  (Trust me I know this I had a true ADHD child and helped him pay attention with nutrition not drugs).   On Ritalin he now seems to listen better and pay attention  The teacher now can teach the “class’ instead of spending so much time on ‘little Johnny” and the parents can do “other things” so everyone is happy right?  Everyone except Johnny.  All is well until the child’s brain chemistry finally revolts after years of psychotropic medications and little Johnny is now a teen and can’ think straight or see the real world as it is so his coping mechanisms are broken and he self destructs.  We want to blame this on the evil on the drug companies but if you look deeper the drug companies are just giving us what we ask for- “Keep Johnny out of my hair”.

Companies give us the consumer what we ask for and demand.  If WE THE PEOPLE do not keep them accountable and in full view they like all people will cut corners to make short term gains(profit and market share) to increase their positions, this is human DNA.  Companies and governments are not to blame the lazy citizen is.  Without voting and examination large organizations become Goliath sized entities forcing products down our throats using sophisticated psychology convincing us we need things we don’t really want or  need.  Dandruff was never a “thing” until a shampoo company back in the 50’s decided it was and created ads that convinced us we were not socially acceptable if we had flakes on our shoulders so we had better buy their new shampoo!  Drugs are not bad, abuse and dependence on them is.  If you have a headache because you drank too much the night before don’t look to drug to fix it, aspirin doesn’t really work anyway.  But we keep hoping for a magic pill to take care of our abuses.   The side-effects of medicines as we hear on the drug commercials are not good.  

Big companies are not “bad”, “secret societies” are not plotting to enslave us, money and wanting more money is not “bad”, politicians are not “bad”.  They are all reflections of us and our wants as “the people”.  Corporations only exist and gain wealth and power because we buy their goods.  Politicians only get elected (in this country at least) because we vote for them even after they repeatedly lie to us and break promises.  Money is a tool, if you’re grounded and have sensible values you tend to spend it well and it helps you.  If you are an egomaniac and operate on narcissistic values then money hurts you and everything you touch.  The common denominator is all these situations is, YOU.  You have the power to use violence, coercion and force to get  what you want or to use peaceful, logical win-win tactics.  Take the orange from the fruit stand when the shopkeeper is distracted or earn the money and reward yourself with a good tasting orange. We all make this choice every day.

The problem at the core of school shooting and teen suicide (all suicide) is a distorted picture of the world.   In my humble opinion this is a symptom of the worst problem facing Americans and eventually the world.  It is  a symptom of apathy and poor problem solving.

Kids are dying because their brain chemistry and values are being distorted by a medical or drugs fix everything attitude which spills over into our food supply.  The chemicals and GMO tech we use to produce food is slowly damaging our DNA and and causing the degenerative diseases we can’t seem to cure.   

So what to do?

  1. Ask yourself if what you are about to do is fair to you and all parties involved?
  2. Ask yourself is you are using force or coercion to get what you are after? If so it is not right.
  3. Ask yourself if you are doing what is good for your body or your taste buds?
  4. Ask yourself if you are as healthy as your should be at this stage of your life?
  5. Ask yourself if there is a way to heal that is based on what your body knows?  Your body knows the plants and animals it has evolved with, it doesn’t know GMO or Roundup.
  6. If you need healing or health improvement (who doesn’t these days) How can I do that with the least amount of “modern” interventions?  Sleep, exercise, relaxation, whole food diets and supplements, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage first.  Medicine last.
  7. How do I affect the violence and pain I see in the world?  Lead by example of peaceful, honest advancment.  Did you earn your position or did you use others to get where you are?

This girl is making a positive statement on addressing the cultural problem, “My life doesn’t matter and neither do the lives of my classmates so let’s all die together”. This is a distorted self worth psychosis distorted by Ritalin and other teen prescribed drugs. We all need to support these efforts as part of our effort to protect our communities. It’s not a gun law or an 2nd Amendment issue it’s a cultural issue. Change the culture to a more compassionate one and the violence will go down. Stop looking for a “magic” pill to cure your self neglect and stop poisoning our food with chemicals to increase yield. You’ll never stop the violence completely but it shouldn’t be this bad in our schools.

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