Spanish Produce Dangerously High Levels of Pesticides

Looks great… unless it’s from Spain

The Spanish version of the FDA/Food Safety government agency called, Spanish Agency for Consumption, Food Safety and Nutrition, (AESAN) in their official report in 2019 found that over 44% of Spanish produce had toxic levels of dangerous pesticides, 34 of them outlawed by the European Union! They found 37 different toxic chemicals in strawberries alone! Many of these known toxic pesticides interfere with animal and human hormone regulation or the endocrine system causing disease, infertility and early death. The report went on to say that 33.7% of ALL foods and 16.1% of baby food samples tested were contaminated with unsafe levels of these chemicals.

In all over 107 pesticides were found in much of the Spanish food supply.

One of them more disturbing findings of this report was that 34% of shellfish were also contaminated with toxic levels of pesticides! This means that the pesticide run off from the farms that spray these outlawed chemicals is getting into the waterways; streams, lakes and eventually the ocean bays in high enough concentrations show up in shellfish and most likely the other fish! This would mean that the freshwater areas (human and wildlife water supplies) are super concentrated since apparently the natural filtering and chemical breakdown processes of the soil and limestone are being over whelmed by these man made poisons. Now even the inshore ocean is polluted and all the sea life in those bays are being over burdened by toxic, man made chemicals and it is getting into the base of the food chain. Very alarming. The algae and plankton which shellfish feed upon are more than likely being killed or pushed out of balance and the “toxic water” is being absorbed by the shellfish and therefore the fish. This threat to the base of the food chain could prove to be cataclysmic!

Now everything that eats the shellfish increases the concentration of these endocrine (hormone system) disrupters compounding those levels in the higher predators. the Red Snapper, the Tuna, the Octopus, etc. are all being poisoned and we eat that poison when we eat them. This increase of the toxic load in the the fish reaches thousands of miles aournd the world as many fish migrate from Spanish water to oceans all over the world. Spain’s illegal pesticide practices will be felt in countries like the USA and Asia let alone the rest of Eureope and Russia.

When people eat these fish and the shellfish and the produce from Spain they are slowly poisoning themselves even on the “wild caught” seemingly natural fish.

This is why the USA cannot do its “own thing” and opt out of World Climate Summits and international summits on chemical and pesticide use. We are one planet and one race we must all come to an understanding to protect our environments and economies are they are no longer isolated. They never were.

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