Help for Food Poisoning with common spices

Food Poisoning is no joke and if severe you need to go the ER as soon as possible. Food poisoning usually causes sudden and severe diarrhea and in children this can dehydrate them to a dangerous level so seek immediate medical attention if symptoms are severe. Frequent, copious amounts of sudden diarrhea in children is a trip to the ER right away. For all other cases that are painful but not severe and the diarrhea is not frequent try this.

Food Poisoning Help with Common Kitchen Spices

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Food Poisoning can bring on sudden painful stomach cramps

Coriander, Basil, Ginger, Cumin Seed Tea

Put 1/8 tsp of each in a coffee filter paper, tie it shut or use a tea ball to make a tea “bag” then steep it in 8 oz. cup of boiling water to make your tea.  Steep for 15 min, remove the tea bag(s) then add 2 tbsp honey and sip. 

Before you make your tea take a Binder Product (see below for details) if you have one on hand and/or find some fermented vegetable juice in your refrigerator (see list below) and start sipping the juice until some relief is noted. Then take the 2 capsules of a Binder product for some relief.

Other things to add to your tea in the same measurement, 1/8 tsp, or one capsule if using supplements. Just swallow the capsule the usual way if that is what you have. If using a tea, 1 tea bag of each in a larger cup of boiling water 10-16 oz. for your tea.

  • Fenugreek tea, supplement or raw seeds
  • Chamomile supplements or tea
  • Echinacea root(not the leaf or stems)  
  • If you have a Binding product usually a clay or charcoal compound then take 2 capsules with 16 oz water wait 30 min then take any other supplements and start drinking your tea.
  • Sipping any fermented vegetable juice that you have on hand until stomach discomfort eases up usually helps as well. Pickle juice, sauerkraut juice, Kimchee juice (mild not spicy), etc. Cabbage soup may help too.
  • Small amounts of a good quality yogurt, 1 teaspoon at a time and only one or two teaspoons in total at the most.

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