To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate that is the Question?

The Corona Virus, proteins on it’s outer shell are markers for your immune system

By Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

I believe the question of any organization let alone the health professions (Chiros, MD’s, DO’s, Dentists, Naturopaths, etc) stance on the COVID Vaccines is should they be mandatory. Are invassive medical procedures ethical, even in a pandemic?   

Mandatory vaccination is against my professional standards and personal.  Both my children were never vaccinated as kids. That being said I do believe there is a time and place for ALL healthcare proven treatments; vaccines, drugs, chiropractic, nutrition, etc.   Since holistic practitioners don’t care for most of the world’s population, a vaccine during this pandemic may be a necessary risk for many but not all of us.   
As far as vaccines go this one is quite benign. 

There are almost no preservatives or adjuvants in it hence the -94 degree storage temperature.  Adjuvants are compounds added to vaccines like the Flu and MMR to irritate the immune system into a “stronger” respone. Unfortunately many of us cannot handle that increased response and brain swelling and other things can occur. That is what causes Autism and ADD and ADHD and sets up certain people for autoimmune diseases laster in life, all based on how their individual genetics react to vaccines, severe illnesses early in infancy, and environmental pollutants already in our bodies at birth! This Corona vaccine is a different type of vaccine all together there is NO dead corona virus in it!

It uses messenger RNA (tiny DNA fragments) in a carrier virus (a harmless one) that triggers the body to make a protein that is seen in COVID-19 infections, kind of like a red herring. Your immune system reacts to this protein as an “invader” and labels it or creates antibodies that signal your immune system should it ever see this again react and get rid of it fast! BUt since there are virutually not preservatives or adjuvants int he vaccine there is minimal unwanted reactions as seen in traditional vaccines like the flu shot or MMR. That makes this vaccine fairly unique and less likely to assault our immune systems with epidural swelling.  If you wait there is a nasal version coming out in 6 months or so which should be even less offensive.  Of course severe food allergy people need to avoid this mRNA vaccine since the spike protein it produces can mimic food allergy reactions like we’ve already seen in the UK. People with severe  peanut or drug allergies should not get this one. Gluten or Celiac people can safely get this vaccine as GI reactions have not been noted yet and they have tested it on oer 43,000 people in the clinical trials.   

The rest of us will most likely deal this vaccine fine and the unvaccinated will deal with Corona equally fine and not die. The very healthy people who use Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture or Homeopathy will be just fine unless they have some rare genetic predisposition but their holistic practitioner should be aware this and direct them accordingly. Just like most of us Holistic patients/practitioners do with the flu and never get vaccinated.   

As I see it, this is a good thing for high risk populations who will not seek holistic care in time to be effective, Holistic care takes time to correct bodyt weaknesses so many people will not be under our(I am holistic doctor) care or will not be under our care long enough to improve their overall health while widespread Corona is out there.

Personal freedom to choose the vaccine or deny it what we all people should support not mandatory hysteria and forced vaccinations.

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