Wearing masks makes sense

Why Masks Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19, based on Research not Politics

By Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, DC

In a few recently published scientific studies on SARS-CoV-2 there is exciting progress being made on understanding how the infection works in humans. Bascially SARS-CoV-2 has many non-lethal cousins that have infected humans for centuries, the “common cold” being one of these, it is a SARS virus which does kill us. The big question with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is why are most cases not that symptomatic? This is is a double-edged sword so to speak, because it is the main reason we spread this disease so fast, faster than the flu virus! which means the odds of a compromised immune person contracting it are very high compared to the flu. Most infected people don’t even know they are infected. I had an older friend with comorbidities that fell into that category and got over it at home with no lasting effects just a few months ago.

He was tested because his wife was very sick and they wanted to rule in/out COVID-19. It turned out she did NOT have COVID-19 just a rough cold or flu which she recovered from just fine but her husband had apparently had COVID-19 in the past because he had antibodies for the disease! So he was a lucky one, I guess he had natural anitbodies that helped him get over it. But so many of you will get Corona and not do anything to protect those around you, like our idiot leader, Donald Trump just did by joy riding in his limo forcing Secret Service people to ride with him! You may think it is okay to not wear a mask and endanger those around you but you will kill someone you may never know due to contact infection spreading. So the “fire” continues to rage on!

The answer to this naturally acquired immune response question seems to be that many of us have some low to high level of immunity from having had the “common cold” in the past. I, as a Holistic Doctor have for decades touted that our immune system needs “exercise” if we want them to protect us from the real scary “bugs” and this is a perfect example of that concept. We gain immunity or strength to fight off a very dangerous infections by suffering through a relatively mild infectious “little cousin” like the comm on cold Corona.

The problem with SARS-CoV-2 is that for those that are immune compromised and or are over weight is that it can kill them. Chronic systemic inflammation from poor diet and low nutrition has been killing us slowly for centuries but now with SARS-CoV-2 will kill many very quickly with only a few weeks of suffering and anguish. Diseases like Diabetes, heart disease and now the huge spike in cancer these last 50 years are all diseases of poor life style choices but they kill us slowly, usually. SARS-CoV-2 is different and in our faces, this is a wake up call to lifestyle management. So all those “natural granola eating hippies” that we scoffed at for decades may have been right. Eat better, less processed, less big factory farm produced foods and you may have a chance to not die from SARS-CoV-2.

The recent new things science has learned about COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and how we all may be able to return to some of the lifestyle we had before this Pandemic is exciting. Currently the nose is the main way SARS-CoV-2 enters the body so masks make sense. The cornea of the eyes are the second entry path that is most accessible for CORONA so wash your hands regularly and avoid wiping your nose and eyes this allergy season as much as possible. For those in close contact with CORONA victims like healthcare workers use of face shields are also necessary. Even I had to concede to wearing a mask now, I too was resistant in the beginning. Yes me who with all my lifelong history of chiropractic adjustments, extensive supplementation and healthy habits that give me a high level of health and immunity to “things” has to agree that mask wearing is necessary. It is necessary so that I don’t contract and spread the disease to someone who is weak. Slowing the spread of this disease is what we all have to focus on on now since most people are not leading “chiropractic lifestyles” and strong enough to survive being infected.

It just makes sense for the overweight, carbo-aholic, substance abusing, Big Pharma dependent world population to do. Wearing masks is simple, cheap, low hassle (easier than taking supplements and avoiding sugary/fatty treats, apparently). And one of the best ways to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.

Wearing masks is a real way NOW, to slow the spread of this disease since so many have abused their bodies and are at risk. We all have friends and family that we love that are over weight and have poor health so lets try to protect all of them. Therefore until more of us “get it” and change our lifestyles forever the only a way to SLOW the spread of Corona and regain some of our lost social freedoms is to wear a mask. Ultimately this is NOT a cure or an end to SARS-CoV-2. Even if a vaccine is developed it will NOT be a cure forever, even if it is free of chemical contaminants which unfortunately most of our current vaccines are full of! (Yes I am against most vaccines as a preventative but do agree they have limited applications). If you are over weight you are the problem for yourself not the virus. The small percentage that are genetically compromised and lead a fairly healthy life are the real victims here so let’s all do better to protect the ones we love that cannot do much more than they are to protect themselves.

In the end WE all have to realize that we as a society are slowly killing ourselves by eating too much sugar, too many grains, too many processed convenience foods fresh from the factory. These convenient lifestyle choices combined with not maintaining good spinal alignment and nerve health and relying on drugs to cover up symptoms of a decaying body as we age are the problem. Sure being a chiropractor I am biased, I have 35 years of seeing the difference between people who get their spines adjusted regularly and those that rely on medicine for health. The difference is glaring. NOT using chiropractors as primary healthcare doctors is catching up to us with this pandemic.

Dr. David Seaman, PhD has written extensively on this subject and like many world renown experts on diet and disease says this pandemic is a lifestyle pandemic NOT an infectious disease problem that can be “cured”. Dr. Seaman is the author of many great books like the DeFlame Diet and The DeFlame Diet for Immune Health (two different books)and many others on this subject for the general public (can be purchased on Amazon) and has many informative 7-8 minute videos explaining these concepts on YouTube. These are a great source of learning for those that want more information on the mechanism of how, stress and worry, “bad fats” and sugar cause many diseases and eventually lead to our premature death.

So the real way to stop the spread of this disease is lifestyle management.

At this time the research says masks work and we should all use them not just to protect yourself but to protect others around you. You can unknowingly spread the disease and kill someone by accident by not wearing a mask. You can be asymptomatic but breath on someone with poor health or older age issues and end up giving them the virus which they are too weak to fight off like you! The mask thing is NOT a conspiracy to mark people as “sheep” of society and see who is easily lead down some path to social reorganization and FEMA prison camps… I still find it hard to believe that very book-smart people actually believe this is a New World Order plot is why Corona is here and it saddens me. Science will prevail, we just have to pay attention and do what the facts say to do and not our politicians who seem to be arrogantly ignorant, blatantly spreading the disease themselves in person and by example to righteous idiots that follow them.

There is a very quick read for the technically orientated person on this subject just published by the Scientist, download it here for free. My article here is just my summation of that ebook from a holistic healers point of view.


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