What NOT to do for COVID-19 Immunity Support

Dr. David Seaman, DC, MS, DABCN

According to Dr. David Seaman, DC a brilliant professor with degrees in biochemistry and nutrition. He has published many books on nutrition one of his newest ones is the, The Deflame Diet which I highly recommend. He recently spoke on a teleconference with many doctors regarding additional nutrient support for dealing with the COVID-19 situation. His specific comment to the group were that doctors should be focusing on Vitamin D and proteolytic enzymes for preventive purposes. Here are his comments:

“When I look at the coronavirus situation or any other viral or bacterial infection, I see the same inflammation as OA and heart disease. If I sprain my ankle, I will take proteolytic enzymes to get the enzymes, vitamin C, and zinc, and I am doing the same as a preventive DeFlaming measure in case I am exposed to Corona. I personally am not loading up on zinc lozenges at the moment, instead I take Zymain everyday because I know that a viral state, on a practical level, is no different than an injury state. Same chemistry, just different causes of the flame.  It is not the virus that causes complications and death…it is the flamed up body’s reaction to the virus.  So I decided to act as if I am nursing an injury. The last thing people should do is claim that mega dosing on C, D, zinc, etc. strengthen the immune system…because what does that mean? In fact, an overactive immune system would make worse a viral infection or any other injury.  So I take proteolytic enzymes to keep the flame down to hopefully normal levels in the event I get infected, so that my immune system does not create a cytokine storm and make me really sick”.

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