Vitamin D3 and COVID-19

New Study on Vitamin D and how it can help recovering or prevent a bad reaction to Corona virus. You can read the full abstract on for details but basically what it showed is that Vitamin D3 reduces the inflammation that comes with being sick with COVID-19 and other Corona virus strains.

The researchers say in the end of their paper, “Vitamin D3 (VD) supplementation is suggested to prevent the lethal side-effects of the infection. It is particularly recommended in VD-deficient patients or those at greater risk of serious or critical effects of COVID-19, including the elderly, and patients with pre-existing chronic diseases, especially those in nursing homes, care facilities, and hospitals….”

Yes getting your daily 20 minutes of full body exposure to the sun will cause your body to make its own Vitamin D but many people who get lots of sun and have full body, deep brown tans indicating that they get sun regularly but still have sub clinical levels of Vitamin D in their bodies. Why is this? Being over-weight, other chronic diseases of a “poor lifestyle habits” are the big ones. Like I have said in previous articles COVID-19 is a LIFESTYLE Disease, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor spinal alignment affecting nervous system communication and you will have a tough time dealing with it if it hits you. If you have good, clean lifestyle habits like Tom Hanks who had (has) Type II Diabetes and a heart stint but he lives a much more healthy lifestyle now since being diagnosed with those maladies a few years a ago. He is a big fan of healthy diet and regular moderate exercise now. He and his wife had 10 days of rough symptoms as their bodies fought off the virus but nothing life threatening and you would too if you were unlucky enough to contract Corona but had a healthy lifestyle, even if you are older.

There are many things that interfere with the natural synthesis of Vitamin D in our bodies. Pollution, poor diets consisting of high trans fats (fried foods, vegetable oils made from high heat processing) too many sweets (sugar and corn syrup in soft drinks, fruit juices and baked goods), too many starchy foods (bread, pasta, doughnuts, candies, cookies, ice cream, etc.) too much meat and not enough green vegetables and fiber to balance the protein intake. Also the added chemicals in our food; Roundup, pesticides that the farmer’s use and the other additives that processing plants use to make our freezer bags of ready to warm up foods! The hormones they give the animals before we eat them to make them fat (farm raised fish too) and the synthetic hormones (even bio-identical hormones) used for medical purposes that we take as “medicines” all can interfere with Vitamin D synthesis and 100’s of other vital body functions. And lastly getting a vaccination will cause a temporary inflammatory response that could interfere with Vitamin D production, yet another reason NOT to just blatantly take every vaccine that comes down the road from Big Pharma!

Read the pros and cons on vaccination before you decide what to do on that subject.

So while you clean up your diet to make your body and immune system stronger you should supplement with at least 1,000 i.u. of VD. 30 mg of Zinc chelate and 1000 i.u.’s of Omega-3’s/day. All these basic supplements are a good idea while your adding Vitamin D. If you are clinically low in Vitamin D3 then you should try adding 5,000 i.u. per day as a supplement it cannot hurt you and has no side effects at these levels. Unless you call being more healthy a “side-effect”.

And lastly let me leave you with an actual account of a chiropractic family (Dad is a chiropractor in Virginia) that recently had their teenagers all contract the virus and how they fought an active infection:

“In July our teen boys returned from a beach trip, not feeling great.My wife met them in the driveway and quarantined them in our basement, following day all five tested COVID positive. My wife, a nurse, took two weeks off and took care of them (3 not even our children), I isolated myself from everyone, including my wife.
I was in contact with the Health Department, advised them of my situation and they said we were doing everything right. My wife has tested negative and myself as well. 
Point of this:
All were treated with; 10-15,000 i.u. of Vitamin D3, 2,000 mg of Vit C and 50 mg of chelated Zinc 2x day.
Elderberry as needed.
Not one had symptoms other than aches, pains, fever for more than 1.5 days. No residual side effects, no lung issues, or pneumonia my oldest had zero symptoms.”

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