Vitamin D for Athletes (and everyone else)

By Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

Our bodies make Vitamin D (a hormone more than a true vitamin) from sun exposure. But in modern times people who get a lot of sun in areas like Florida and Arizona and California still show low to clinically low Vitamin D! There are many speculations as to why this is occurring, atmospheric filtering of the sun’s rays from pollution, sun screens, poor diets causing free-radical damage in our skin and stress. So the bottom line is even if you have a great sun tan you still may be Vitamin D deficient. Supplementation is a good idea not just for immune support as we think of Corona but for strong bones and muscles who depend on Vitamin D.

A recent scientific study supports this for athletes who suffer injuries. Vitamin D helped them heal faster. If it’s good for athletes it’s good for us armchair athletes as well.

Scientific Study Conclusions:

“Vitamin D deficiency is common in athletes. For athletes presenting with stress fractures, musculoskeletal pain, and frequent illness, one should have a heightened awareness of the additional likely diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency.”,81%25%20were%20vitamin%20D%20deficient.&text=In%20this%20National%20Football%20League,Americans%20averaged%2020.4%20ng%2FmL.

What this means is when you over-do it on the ball field or on that hike or bike ride with the kids Vitamin D should be part of your recovery plan in addition to your multivitamin, icing, rest, essential oils, wrapping, etc. We have seen great and faster results using Vitamin D whenever we do cold laser therapy along with Chiropractic re-alignment (adjusting) to heal strains and sprains here in the office.

I like a few brands; Standard Process Cataplex D, Nutriwest Hi D, and Anabolic labs Vitamin D. I am sure there are many other great pure, well absorbed products out there so check it out this winter as your sun exposure is less and your Vitamin D levels drop from less sun exposure making your immune system and bones a little weaker.

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