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Seasonal Allergies

Many of us are suffering from the Springtime bloom and pollen burst. What can we do to lessen it? Antioxidants are crucial here. Used in in a well-balanced approach they can help people who struggle with occasional seasonal concerns. Quercetin, a flavonoid and powerful antioxidant, has been shown in research to help stabilize the histamine response (the chemical process that causes your stuffy nose and itchy eyes) . High potency vitamin C is another supplement to consider. Both work well alongside foundational supplements like NAC, fish oil and probiotics. A good liver support program is very helpful too, coming off the winter sugar-filled holidays this is a perfect time to do a classic “cleanse” program. The Standard Process one is very tasty and works great but there are many good cleanse companies out there so check around.

Lifepak Nano Technology makes low doses more effective

One of my favorite “super anti-oxidant” multivitamins is Lifepak Nano from Pharmanex which is own by Nuskin, a multi-level marketing company whos nutritional products are backed by one of the top scientific research engines in natural anti-aging care. Their nano-technology is a great delivery system and this product has been around for over 22 years now showing a great track record.

Individual products like Quercetin I use and recommend the liposomal spray from ASC a traditional wholesale/retail company making supplement for years with high science backing. Combining this with Antronex made from buckwheat by Standard Process a wholefood supplement manufacturer in Wisconsin since the 1930’s is also great a reducing allergy (histamine) reactions.

Of course drinking plenty of filtered or Spring water is very necessary as with most ailments.

Feel free to contact me for sources of high quality supplements.

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