Diets that are High in Processed Foods May Make it Hard to Recover from Being Sick

fight or feed your body

A recent study using mice, published in The Cell, found that mice fed different diets during the same flu experiment had different results. They noted that mice fed a whole grain diet which would be the natural diet for a mouse recovered and survived being made sick with the Flu compared to mice fed the highly processed grain-based, “mouse chow pellets” who all died and did not recover from being made sick with the Flu. Now to all the “holistic readers” out there this is not surprising some of you are probably remembering the Pottinger’s Cat Study done back in the 1930’s that showed a similar outcome with cats. This study was also so much more in depth and longer cared over generations of cats which showed that the offspring 2 and 3 generations later were so genetically weak that they could not have kittens and died from a malady of diseases at very young ages. Now 90 years later researchers are noting immune issues related to diets of highly processed foods, good catch-up, guys.

But why is this so surprising to modern scientists? They go on in the article to state that the processed food was not “bad” but just lacked the micronutrients or vitamin content that whole food would contain. Isn’t that saying the processed food pellets are incomplete or in lay terms, “bad”? I understand the scientists wanting to discover the exact factor that caused the mice to die in their flu, was it lack of ONE vitamin or mineral some “super immune recovery nutrient” that they were unaware of? No all nutrients are crucial to a healthy life and recovery from being sick BEFORE you get sick. To me, a Holistic doctor for 35 years now it was very obvious after reading he second sentence in the article that highlighted this study but Dr. Feng. There is a fair amount of data in the published literature going back decades on this subject that has already demonstrated what these researchers found; that complete more whole food-based diets compared to highly refined processed food diets is detrimental to an organism’s health and immune response. So, when dealing with a strong pathogen like the Flu diet and nutrient intake is crucial.

So your take away from this “new discover” should be that eating well and taking high quality supplements on a regular basis for LIFE is the way to avoid being severely ill, and is what makes you healthy. But if you choose to indulge your sweet and bread tooth too often and eat sugar, Fast Food, pizza, alcohol, bread(processed flour) on a regular basis you are setting yourself up for a very painful and unhealthy future. You will not recover from being “sick” that quickly and you be sick often catching everyone’s cold when it comes around. You will just ache more as you age and OTC’s and meds won’t help stop those pains. Your body will break down faster than it should over time; heart disease, kidney disease, brain disease, and poor sexual performance/function will occur at a younger age and could be life threatening!

To avoid this, eat healthy, lots of veggies, some meats and save the sugar (even the fruit), cheese and bread for special occasions. Getting a regular chiropractic adjustment is a good idea too as your spine gets “jammed up” just using it. Kind of how your teeth get “dirty” by just using them so you brush regularly or at least I hope you do so why not get your spinal alignment checked regularly too! Chiropractic keeps all those nerves talking to all your cells so your body can use all that healthy food exactly as needed.

Give us a call for more help on how to reverse the damage of eating too much processed food ahs done just don’t wait too long, I am good but I am not a miracle worker.

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus has multiple degrees in healthcare science and has helped people without drugs or surgery since 1988 in his private practice. He currently is in Ruckersville, Virginia and does Telehealthcare visits via Zoom. Call now or email. 434-481-2012,

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