Parkinson’s and Understanding Gut Health May Prevent the Disease BEFORE It Shows Up

A recent “metagenomic sequencing study was conducted on samples from 234 neurologically healthy controls and 490 persons with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). It’s worth noting that this study was initiated in response to a growing evidence base supporting a gut origin for some cases of PD; specifically, enteric nerves are suspected to be the initial site of PD pathology, which later spreads to the brain. This has been supported by animal evidence, and may be reflected by the early onset of symptoms such as constipation and postprandial fullness which precede motor symptoms by decades.

Additionally, hundreds of metabolic pathways were analyzed, with between 1/3 to 2/3 found to be dysregulated among those with PD. This study is an important stepping stone to potentially manipulating the microbiome, perhaps allowing for early prevention of this progressive disease.”

Let Dr. D explain…

What does this mean to the average person? Parkinson’s may start in the gut before it moves to the brain. If your gut bacteria are not balanced and your genetics get stressed by this then you have a good chance of developing PD. So why does the gut probiotic population change leading to a die-off of the good guys and keeping too many of the bad guys? Pollution, processed food and eating too much sugar and starch for years will mess your gut up slowly over time. Surprised right…of course not PD is just another expression of a fast, stressful, poor eating lifestyle that most modern Americans and Europeans haave that eventually catches up and manefests as degenerative disease.

The good news is that stool sample testing for gut bacteria populations and other simple labs can become early warning tools. Some MD’s and all Holistic or Natural Doctors offer this test, you do it at home and send it off to the lab. Simple. Once you know your “colony” numbers you then determine what probiotic will benefit you the best as the formulas vary greatly company to company. You will learn other things from this test that your Natural Doctor can then advise you on like the best foods to eat, the foods to avoid or limit, supplements that you need and “detox formulas” that will help you have a healthier gut and body.

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