“I don’t like vegetables! And they’re all GMO anyway”

Studies have shown that only 9% of Americans eat enough vegetables. Now look to your left and look to your right…that is basically 1 out of 10 people. The fact is, we all need more! But how do we accomplish this? Are we forced to consume copious amounts of rabbit food or drown ourselves in romaine? Is easier than you think. I’ve come across several ways that can help you get the vital nutrients from veggies that your body needs.
Blend in smoothies: Vegetables like spinach or kale will blend together perfectly with your choice of liquid and fruit for a delicious meal substitute or snack.
Replace some carbs with greens: Try lettuce wraps instead of bread or spaghetti squash in place of pasta.
Disguise them in your favorite meals: Add spinach to your traditional creamy Alfredo sauce or include chopped carrots and zucchini in your Bolognese. They’ll cook down, blend in, and be masked by other flavors. I add onions, bell peppers, and zucchini in my meatloaf now for that exact reason.
Add fresh salsa: I’m amazed with how many meals go well with some fresh salsa – peppers, onions, and tomatoes (jalapeno and cilantro are optional).
Add guacamole or avocado: If you love this green goddess, incorporate it into more meals.
Make homemade kale or sweet potato chips: Wash and dry kale or thinly slice sweet potatoes, add your choice of oil, and sprinkle with sea salt…and voila! Get creative and add a little cinnamon to your sweet potato chips instead and go from savory to sweet.
Take a supplement: A good greens powder goes a long way. Studies have shown that taking a greens powder can boost pH which aids in regulating acidity in the body and promotes alkalinity, which helps prevents illness.

Always look for non-GMO whenever possible, GMO is not “evil” it is just that our digestive systems have evolved to digest the plant and and animal cells that have evolved around us. You have specifically designed enzyme and acid systems that work on non-GMO organisms. Some of the new “designer foods” or GMO’s confuse our systems and improper digestion occurs causing health issues. Yes your digestive system can power through any meal GMO or not as it needs to so the occasional GMO meal is not a big deal but GMO’s eaten regularly over over decades will cause cumulative damage. For instance, there is a theory that we are are seeing more allergies now than at any other time time in recorded history since the introduction of GMO foods (and animal feeds- which makes a non-GMO cow partially GMO! We are what we eat). The health risks are stacking up.

Autoimmune disease rates are higher than ever, cancer is soaring, immune weaknesses, birth defects, etc. All these chronic diseases are on the rise in our modern world. Why? One factor, not the only or main factor is the fast introduction of GMO molecules over the last 30 years into our food supply and therefor our bodies. Now compound that with toxic waste adn other pollutants that we inhale and digest, microwave energy from satelites, cells phones and other sources now fills the atmosphere and the cosmos more than ever, higher population and social stress and you get “weak” people. Being weak means being more susceptable to breaking down or getting “sick”.

If you and I have a greater chance of being sick or crippled then it makes sense that WE have to do something different than the our grandparents did and it is NOT a new drug or medicine with side effects! WE have to learn more about our bodies and stop taking them for granted. Understanding the basic needs for a healthy body is crucial. We must take advantage of the natural healing principles that our bodies run on.

Eating lots of vegetables, maintaining a nervous system that is interference free (lifetime regular chiropractic), good proteins and due to our polluted world supplements are now mandatory.

So get the veggies in your body but do it organically and non-GMO as much as possible.

Dr. D wishing you all a long, healthy life. See you on next chiropractic visit!

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