Ginger for COVID-19

Dr. David does a great job explaining how polyphenols (good vits in spices, fruits and veggies). These have been known for 100’s of years and researched in depth the last 50+ years! These healthy compounds work as super antioxidants cleaning up the “trash” or waste products in the body that if not removed would “clog” things up causing chronic inflammation. Keeping your body at a normal rate of inflammation, yes some inflammation is good and necessary for normal function and immune protection.

Cooking with and taking Ginger, Turmeric and other well known spices and colorful fruits is good for keeping bodily inflammation down. Make sure you are exercising if you eat more than 1 fruit per cay as the sugar in the fruit if not “burned up” will cause weight gain and other health issues! Covid-19 is a disease that is hitting modern humans hard because we ALL are over weight and carry too much chronic inflammation in our lungs, hearts and ALL ORGANS! Get the inflammation down but getting to a normal weight, get your blood glucose normal, your A1C normal, Vitamin D normal, take Vitamin C (natural low dose) Calcium citrate, and Vitamin D3 and exercise more. Most importantly STOP EATING THE SUGAR, GRAINS AND CHEESE!

Ginger will help you do this.

Here is Dr. David Seaman,

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