Genetics, Fat and Pollution

Sometimes we need help to get past a health obstacle

“Scientific studies have explored the link between chemical toxins and obesity. They have found that toxins, specifically pesticides and PCBs, interfere with many aspects of metabolism including disrupting hormone levels, blocking thyroid receptors, stressing liver function, and damaging the mitochondria and their ability to burn calories after weight loss.” According to recent genetic research your trouble losing weight and keeping it off may not be lack of trying good systems.

Detoxification is used a lot these days in the natural healing and diet world, maybe over-used. But it is a very important process that goes on every day of your life. But sometimes based on pollution and your ability to consistently eat correctly for your body type means this process can get “bogged” down. Specific supplement support and meal choices are the only way to get it back on track. So what are those choices?

Research has shown that a person’s response to exercise, foods and supplements varies considerably.  But if you system is over-burdened with pollution you will never lose weight and be healthy. Diets and exercise won’t work. Some people respond quickly to simple exercise and low carb diets and lose fat relatively easy. They get fit faster, and their body composition changes more favorably, while others are less sensitive to exercise’s and low carb diet effects. A significant factor to these inter-individual differences in exercise response is genetics and how well they deal with environmental pollutants or ‘detox’. An individual’s ability to mobilize stored body fat and burn it for fuel during and after exercise, is partly predisposed by genetic variations and toxic load. Because of this it’s important to understand just how much exercise AND specific customized detox supplements may help them to lose weight.

There is considerable variability in our physical ability to lose, gain, or maintain a healthy weight. Certain gene variations affect how we regulate energy and make us more genetically prone to weight gain and slow weight loss. Certain areas are more polluted than others, everyone eats differently and not all supplements are created equally. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much or how frequently we should eat, or what type of exercise we should do and for how long. Genetic variations can explain, at least in part, how people respond to overeating, exercise, and diet.

Starting with a qualified nutritional professional having basic testing done is essential. Nutrition Response Testing, Functional Medicine (lab work), the newest genetic analysis, life style evaluation, and regular follow-up visits for monitoring are what it takes to consistently make this happen.

Health is a Daily Choice

Health is not a static condition but a daily choice. And it’s our job to ensure that we as Holistic Doctors are equipped with the best possible modern tools and skills to guide you towards achieving your best results. Natural healing takes time and is not a “quick fix” so be prepared for a journey.

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus has been helping people get well naturally since 1986. He uses Nutrition Response Testing, Lab work ups and genetic analysis and has had a very high success rate. 434-481-2012.

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