Fungal Disease and Mold Sensitivity Similarities

Chronic Fungal/Mold Sensitivity may be misdiagnosed as Covid-19 or other viral infection

Fungal diseases and mold sensitivity often goes undiagnosed and can lead to serious illness and even death. Viral and bacterial treatment will be ineffective against a mold sensitivity issue. Natural or herbal/diet/supplement treatments seem to even work better as treatment takes months. The CDC has dedicated a week each year to fungal awareness to improve early recognition, reduce delays in diagnosis, and avoid misdiagnosis. Fungal disease is often mistakenly treated for another type of infection without improvement.

Most fungal issues are treated better holistically than with toxic medications, but it will take time so hang in there. It took me 18 months to get totally rid of a mold exposure health challenge that caused my kidney stones and labored breathing problems after being exposed to Black Mold when doing my house renovations 3 years ago. Had I done better on avoiding sugar and bread it would have been much faster, LOL! (Even Dr. D is stubborn).

The CDC “encourages healthcare providers and patients to “Think Fungus” when symptoms of infection do not get better with treatment. The quicker doctors can diagnose the right illness, the quicker patients can be treated the right way.”

Organic Acids Testing (OAT), a urine test can diagnose a mold issue very clearly and point treatment in correct direction. That is what I did, and the source of my kidney issues was clear since all the other approaches were not reducing their reoccurrence. WE can do this via Telehealth visits by mailing you a lab order ticket, anywhere in the world! Ask Dr D to order your OAT today. We can do this via Telehealth visits by mailing you a lab order ticket, anywhere in the world!

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