Face Mask Skin Irritation, Acne

Acne Mechanica (facemask acne)

Many people are still wearing masks on a daily basis, and are suffering with acne as a result.

It’s called Maskne, a form of Acne Mechanica. That’s acne that occurs due to friction and pressure on the skin. When the skin is rubbed, pressed, or stretched, this kind of acne breakout will happen.
Maskne is the development of pimples and spots after wearing a mask. These forms of breakouts are readily recognizable because they occur only in the areas of the face (the chin, nose and mouth) covered by a face covering or mask.

Role of Inflammation in Acne

What comes as a surprise to many patients is the fact that the secret to handling their skin problem is to handle the chronic inflammation in their body.

Inflammation is at the core of most health issues. Unresolved, chronic inflammation is a feature of a wide range of health conditions, particularly skin conditions.

To get the best results with skin conditions they need to address their skin from the inside, at the cellular level, as that is where the chronic inflammation occurs.

Olive Polyphenols and Inflammation

Polyphenols are natural bioactive compounds present in fruit, vegetables and other plants, which are known for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. One of the richest sources of polyphenols is olives. Hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein are polyphenols contained in olives.

The polyphenols in olives have a very high level of antioxidant (free radical scavenging) activity. In fact, Hydroxytyrosol has an ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity – its ability to absorb cell-damaging free radicals) of 68,576 – which is considered to be 15 times higher than green tea and 3 times greater than CoQ10. This means olive polyphenols are very effective in the fight against the damaging effects of free radicals on cells and body tissues, thereby reducing inflammation.

Products that contain polyphenols from olives are very beneficial for many health conditions. Contact our office for more information on what specific supplements can help you reduce inflammation with a FREE Video Consultation with Dr. Kydonieus.

Cellular inflammation is cause of most chronic health conditions including skin problems

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