Death from Cancer Has Dropped

In a recent article published on the Scientist Website, they noted several studies and reports that show deaths from all cancers has dropped 2.4% which is the biggest drop ever! Also noted is that the even though African Americans have a slightly higher mortality rate than Caucasian Americans the disparity between the two ethnic groups has closed significantly; 33% in the early 90’s to only 13% in 2018. This is a great improvement in all people accessing and getting cancer care, of course more work and investment is still needed. But more importantly low income populations seem to be receiving more education and cancer treatment earlier. Learning how to to prevent cancer is a part of this decrease.

Other advances in lung and cervical cancer therapies and early detection have played a big role of course. But improving lifestyle is still going to be our best way at reducing mortality rates even more. This has to be started at the community level and investment by private and government agencies is still needed. We need to learn NOT to rely on drugs or radiation therapies to “save” us from a poor, unhealthy lifestyle.

Dr. D, as always trying to keep the community updated on Holistic and Healthy Lifestyles. The chiropractic lifestyle is a big part of getting the message out there! Chiropractors and all holistic doctors have been teaching these simple lifestyle principles for over a hundred years and now seems to be a time when the world is paying more attention. To learn more on avoiding cancer see your local chiropractor or naturopath to get the “junk” out of your life so you can live longer and have a more active and fun time doing it!

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