COVID-19 and the “old” TB Vaccine…

Tuberculosis a disease that attacks the lungs and the bones

There is a recent stir about how the “old” TB vaccine, called BCG may help strengthen a person’s response to COVID-19 and other general respiratory infections. The vaccine has been given to babies to protect them against tuberculosis for almost a century, but has been shown to shield them from other infections too, prompting scientists to investigate whether it can protect against the coronavirus. This if from an interesting article in The Scientist and wanted to pass on my take on it.

The Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine or “BCG vaccine” for short was developed decades ago and is a “live” or attenuated tuberculosis vaccine. It has been used in many countries and is mandatory in many countries that have TB problems like Africa. It is 70-80% effective against TB. The vaccine does not seem to have many “additives” like other modern vaccines so there is less toxicity and reactions. The main reaction is the TB injection site scar or keloid that is seen. This scar essentially means the proper immune response was completed after vaccination.

So how does a bacterial vaccination help to fight off a virus?

It “wakes up” your immune system getting the white cells called B and T Killer Cells on the move. The B cells are the long lasting immunity cells that are eventually stored in the bone marrow and will make the specific antibodies when ever you encounter the TB bug or any of it’s cousins again. The T Killer cells actually go out and attack the bacteria and any foreign particles like viruses and destroy them on the spot. Apparently by having this inoculation your body will mount a more focused attack on any invader not just TB for about 3-6 months after the vaccination. This enhanced immune response heightens the initial response to a virus especially respiratory ones and reduces the later or secondary cytokine storm that can be deadly. A weaker immune system which has not had sufficient success fighting off the initial viral invasion of Corona Virus will as a last ditch effort mount a huge inflammatory response called the “cytokine storm” to block it from further invading the body. This is what is causing the death from COVID-19, the cytokine storm in the lungs causes massive congestion and you “drown” in your own fluids or go into respiratory failure.

The the BCG Vaccine seems to heighten the response to future infectious agents but they are doing research to figure out exactly how this works and if it would be effective for Corona Virus. There are studies going on right now so don’t go out and get a TB shot right away but just be aware that this may be another tool to aide in the fight of the Corona Virus.

BUT Remember…

A healthy well supported immune system from leading a “healthy lifestyle” is always the BEST vaccination anyone can have. Paying attention to specific nutrition and regular chiropractic check-ups will improve your body’s ability to fight infections by making it healthier and keeping inflammation down, naturally without any vaccines!

So get adjusted (Chiropractic) and also start a Nutrition Response Testing Program with us or a practitioner near you today! Call us to set up your appointment.


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