Corona Virus Safety in Our Office

We are open and seeing patients and new patients as usual.

We are keeping tabs on the CDC and following all their recommendations for keeping our office as clean and secure as possible under these extreme times.

We have spread out patient visits to keep the reception area open and not crowded when possible seeing only one family or patient in the office at a time. We also have extended our hours to keep less people in the office at any given time.

We use disinfecting wipes to clean all tables between every person that uses them for there treatment. Download your Home Recipe for Hand Sanitizer here (just as effective as store bought).

We are wiping down the reception room chairs, door handles and counter top between each visit.

We are keeping our hands clean and “wiped down” in-between each patient we care for.

If you are one of our nutrition patients you are already on a Program and we can add immune support if indicated. If you are not one of our nutrition patients and want to learn how to have a customized nutrition program for you and your loved ones call to make an appointment now.

During the Spanish Flu of 1920 where 500,000 Americans died chiropractic patients had a 40X higher survival rate than the medical patients of that day. In other words only 25 people out of 10,000 chiropractic patients died of flu compared to 950 medical patients died who were only under medical care! That is a huge survival rate of chiropractic patients. The spinal adjustment seems to increase immune health but more research needs to be done to confirm the exact mechanism. But for now during the COVID-19 pandemic being seen by your chiropractor even when your back feels fine could be a good habit to take on. (Disclaimer: chiropractic does not diagnose or treat any specific disease or act as a “cure” for a sickness. It creates normal spinal nerve and joint function so the body can be as healthy as possible.)

And lastly we are diffusing On-Guard Essential Oil all day in the office (and our home) to keep the air as clean as possible naturally from microbial contaminants. It also has a great cinnamon aroma! We have it on hand but it is moving out quickly. Think about ordering it as Distributor from Doterra. Call or get your Wellness Advocate Account here, or email us to get your ordering account set up. 434-481-2012 or

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