Cancer and Exercise

Mice on a Treadmill

An exciting study just came out that not only showed that exercise reduced pancreatic cancer in mice but show the mechanism! This is old news to fitness buffs but no research before this had unraveled the mechanism. Now, at least in mice the mechanism is good inflammation from a cytokine that is released during exercise which “wakes up” a subset of T Killer cells in the immune system which are designed to infiltrate cancer cells and dispatch them.

“Specifically, the researchers found that aerobic exercise activated interleukin-15 (IL-15), a cytokine typically released by muscles during exercise, which triggers inflammation to fight pathogens. That activation mobilized a subset of CD8 T cells—immune cells that target and kill cancer cells—that carried an IL-15 receptor, ultimately allowing them to better infiltrate and engage with the tumor. The mice that exercised were found to have more of these CD8 T cells in and around their tumors.”

Yet another reason to get up off the sofa and stay active!

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Read the full article here

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