Are you Full of Poop!

If you gut is has “old poop” stuck in it you will never lose this belly fat

A medical study recently has confirmed what we all already know: that most people are full of poop!

In a study of autopsies, examiners found that 90% of the cadavers’ colons held an average of 5 to 20 pounds of hardened, decayed feces which were encrusted in layers on the intestine walls.

Thinking about you and me this means that a huge number of us are walking around with a compacted or backed-up bowels with pounds of old, impacted feces that is pushing our bellies out and making us ill.

This was confirmed by a European medical study which found that 62% of adults that doctors examined had an average of 10 -12 pounds of residual fecal matter buildup in their large intestines and rectums even though they had regular bowel movements!

Obviously, the majority of people today are not completely emptying their bowels of toxix waste everyday as nature intended.

But when the doctors gave these people a treatment of a natural bowel mover and did a “detox program” (not a laxative!), their bowel mass was reduced from 42% to 17%. This is an amazing reduction!

Not only were they able to completely empty their bowels, but this do-it-yourself treatment re-established their natural bowel rhythm so they remained “clean and regular” afterward.

In addition to much easier bowel movements, the patients reported feeling thinner, lighter, healthier and more energized.

Contact the office for more information on how we can help you clear your bowels and live a less toxic life!

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