What to Look for in a Nutritional or Functional Medicine Doctor


Can’t say enough about training and keeping up with the current breakthroughs in understanding the body. A traditional Homeopath, Chiropractor who uses supplements, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Naturopath, Functional Medicine MD or other natural doctor are all great but make sure you are consulting one that is staying up to date. Not using new understanding of the body’s biochemistry (organic acid testing, blood work, hormone workups, saliva testing, hair analysis, lifestyle questions based on psychology, etc. all should be used to assess what you need and don’t need. nutrition response testing in action

Ask them about their core training or professional degrees and philosophy or how they apply that degreed knowledge; “I received my college degree at So-in-So University, have advanced training or degrees in Nutrition Response Testing, Hormone balancing, infertility, thyroid or neurochemical balancing. I attend on-going post graduate courses every year in Biochemistry, Stress analysis, etc. I come from a food based and herbal/food supplement philosophy. I use lab work ups, I use muscle testing, I use life style questionnaires, etc.” All valid and these things give your practitioner a view of what is going on with you but you must put trust or faith in what they say as accurate, up to date and unique so that you get to your improved health destination safely.

Repour or Bed Side Manor

Not all personalities and styles of healing suite every patient or person needing them. We have all heard the story or had the surgeon that was rude and not attentive to your needs after the surgery but did a great job at repairing your body damage. He, traditionally the stereotype is the older arrogant male surgeon shouting at his patient after a the operation and hurting their feelings… but he saved their life. A Natural or Functional Medicine Doctor is someone you will be talking to on a regular basis for years! Some visits may be in the office face to face for an exam but many will be over the internet or your phone called TeleHealth visits which is the efficient way to do them now. The doctor you choose may be great at what they do but may not be a good communicator. Or you may not communicate well with them, you may feel they cut you off when trying to tell them about your problem, or that they do not listen or “hear” what you are trying to tell them. Or they may talk too much for you! They may go into too much detail or get off the subject as far as you are concerned and you “tune them out”. In choosing a professional to do nutrition, herbal, lifestyle management make sure you BOTH stay on topic as quickly and effectively as possible. You will be spending anywhere from $50 to $500 per session depending on the length so make it productive. Also your doctor wants you to succeed as soon as possible, with the least amount of supplements and visits. They want to know you have learned how to life a more healthy life, that you have made true lifestyle changes so you don’t repeat your problems.

Healing your body with nutrition and lifestyle changes takes time, sessions, and patience on both your parts. you will hit plateaus and blocks along the way and your healthcare provider will be helping you overcome these obstacles. You have to feel that you are benefiting and getting what you need from your doctor which is not always what you want. Just like the track coach that tells or yells to the runner to take another lap, the runner doesn’t like laps but understands their coach Knows best and takes the lap! Your results should be your main measuring stick but after each visit you should feel satisfied that you just got some new information or validation that the hard work you have been putting in as well as the money and time spent were worth it. You must like the doctor you choose and their style of communicating to make your Functional Medicine or Natural Healing therapy work.

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