Thinking of getting the Covid-19 Vaccine? Prepare your body Naturally for the best result!

Getting your body, your immune system ready for the Covid Vaccine will help you tolerate it a lot better this is just common sense. So how do you do this? A stronger body can deal with outside stressors better it’s just that simple. I have had a few patients who have been vaccinated and did not really have any affects but those were my Holistic Patients under chiropractic and nutrition care for months before being vaccineated. We had already had balanced their immune system, cleaned up their diet so that it was more ready for most environmental “assaults” than before the became my patients. I had a few “chiropractic only patients” that got vaccinated but still were over-weight and out of shape and took prescriptions for other health conditions, they had some fatigue, soreness, swollen lymph nodes afterwards but nothing severe. It did take a while for them to get their strength back though and they needed a few extra chiropractic adjustments to keep their back in shape. I saw a direct correlation between being a Nutrition Response Testing patient and an “only chiropractic” patient. Both faired better than most who don’t even do chiropractic care but the the Holistic patients did best so far. Just my clinical observation not a proven fact.

So you make the call for yourself.

If you are looking for generic, immune support for pre-vaccination then this protocol should help. Let me be absolutely clear, I am not saying that reactions to the vaccine will be fully negated or that “bad things” can’t still happen because you followed this nutritional protocol, no doctor can make that claim. This is purely for improving body wellness and not meant as a cure or diagnosis for any disease state. Let’s just make the body a “little” stronger so it can handle stress like a vaccination or dealing with your in-laws the best way possible. How everyone reacts to this stress will be a very individual and complicated thing.

Live a healthier lifestyle so we don’t have to have this conversation…

I use many product lines in office with patients but Standard Process and Mediherb are my main line so I will list this protocol using their products. You can do what ever products you think are best for you and your family. These products are whole food products from organically grown food so they are safe for anyone unless youare allergic to a some of the food int he product so read the labels before taking anything. Okay for most kids too. Consult your holistic doctor for use on young children or anyone with special health needs before starting these or any new supplements.

  • Cataplex AC (3-6 per day depending overall health status)
  • EpiImune Complex (Shitaki/Mitaki mushrooms) (3 per day)
  • Cataplex D (depending on your vit D3 levels 4-8 per day)
  • Vitanox (3 per day)
  • Echinacea C (3-6 per day depending on general health level)
  • Zinc Liver Chelate (3 per day)
  • Olprima EPA/DHA (veganOmega) an Omega 3 (read the label to see the exact amount of Omega 3 in your supplement. 3,000 iu per day of just Omega 3).
  • Cod Liver Oil (3 per day)
  • Peppermint and/or Chamomile Tea (2-3 cups per day)
  • Neuroplex (3-6 per day depending on overall health)

Take these products for 1-2 weeks before the vaccination continuously through for 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination.

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