Cold & Flu Season Prevention Tips

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The second wave of this season’s flu from China is again a coronavirus, looks as deadly as 2003’s SARS, except easier to transmit human to human, and launching just ahead of the Chinese New Year massive travel migration in Asia. 

Every year’s flu starts in China: swine, avian flu, SARS.  The Hong Kong Flu in 1967 killed 3m people.  The “WWI flu” or “Spanish flu” that killed more than died in the conflict?  The pathogen has been traced by the CDC to Southern China. 

Some preventions belowFocus on the Ai/E10 Ultra (colostrum) product in bold and big typeface.  Take at first symptom, 2-4 capsules twice a day for 2-3 days, then taper off or stop.  Don’t take it until first symptom.  It is colostrum, the first squeeze of mammalian milk, spikes macrophages and killer-T cells to stop a virus dead in its tracks.  It is the clear fluid before yellow-ish milk.  Mothers who nursed will be familiar  We harvest ours from a special herd of cows and then take out all the “cow-ness,” is okay for Hindus or anyone abstaining from an animal product.

I caught the precursor cough to this bug when I was in Hong Kong mid-December, drags on for three weeks.  Colostrum and ginger/lemon tea helped.  I would advise seeing a doctor immediately, for the precursor cough and definitely anything more serious.  This was the first flu in decades that my Ai/E10 didn’t crush. 

I lived in Asia a long time, at or close to ground zero for each year’s flu pandemic.  I remember SARS in 2003.  A month prior a very bad flu spread through Asia.  In Japan most schools closed for a week as it washed through.  Then the serious version hit, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, though it focused on China and Hong Kong.

It is like a surfing set, where the first big wave is not in fact the biggest, but the second or third.  And not so much fun as surfing.

Below are Pharmanex immunity solutions.   If you have Rewards Points from subscriptions (ADRs), they can be free.  Order in particular the Ai/E10 Ultra.

Disclaimer: We are not a pharmaceutical company and cannot claim to prevent, cure, or mitigate disease.  Please consult with your physician if you do anything outside their prescribed treatments.  And consult with a physician at first symptom of this beast.

1.      EPOCH HAND SANITIZER: First line of defense:  Hand sanitizer that moisturizes instead of dries:  

2.      PROBIOPCC: Second line of defense:  Probiotic for gut health:  

3.      AI/E10:  Third line of defense:  Daily immune booster: 

4.      AI/E10 ULTRA:  Emergency defense:  Take only at first symptom of cold/flu, kills it dead in 1-2 days: 

Every family should have this in their medicine cabinet, every traveler in their carry-on.

5.      REISHIMAX & TEGREEN97: Chronic illnesses (i.e., cancer and auto-immune, see above disclaimer): 

6.   BIOPHOTONIC SCANNER:  Measure our antioxidant immunity to serious disease (30 seconds, non-invasive, contact me to arrange):

7.       AGELOC YOUTH:  What should eat or take for healthy aging?  Consider the “blue zones” of the planet, where people live young a long time.  ageLOC has isolated the specific ingredients in those diets and combined them into 2 capsules twice a day that turn back on over 1300 Youth Gene Clusters that repair damage and resist normal aging (20-second glance):

           1:50 on YouTube:  

Bionic Bob Howe, Nuskin Independent Distributor


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