Can You have Two Viral Infections at the Same Time?

You can have more than one viral infection if you are weak

Current research questions may seem to make more out of what every parent knows, but the mechanisms of how commonly observed facts works is what science tries to figure out. So to answer this question, yes you can have multiple viral infections at the same time but that is the exception rather than the rule. This usually happens in weaker or genetically compromised individuals. Genetics we can’t change but we can change our environment and how we treat our body to reduce the “weakness” aspect.

This is the reason for why one brother seems to get sick all the time and the other brother living in the same house never seems to get sick. Habbits; like exercise or activity level, the food each one eats on a regular basis, where they hang out in the neighborhood (environment- air and water they are exposed to) and of course spinal health and supplement intake. Emotions which come from our “personality” play a role as well. All these variables that mature as we age and make us the adults we become dictate our immune response and general health or wellbeing.

According to the current research most people come into contact with common cold viruses on a regular basis and remain unsymptomatic as their body fights the potential infection. The Innate Immune Response that this cold virus triggers also adds a layer of protection against other viral invaders, like influenza and Covid-19. In other words your immune system is activated by a common, weak or mild viral invaders and the same “immune system army” that is already in play is now on heightened response to all viral invaders even the stronger more virulent ones like Covid. We activate immune protection to all invaders once the Innate Immune System in activated. This even works with vaccine based responses acording to the research especially RNA vaccines. When your body detect viral RNA it sends out interferon which is an important immune fighting compound. But in the weaker individual, a person who is over-weight, has other degenerative disease processes going on, or genetically doesn’t produce interferon well, these people cannot mount a strong enough Innate Immune Response and are over-whelmed by the viral invaders and can contract multiple infections at the same time. Some of these “weaknesses” build up over time and turn a simple head cold into chonic bronchitis or pneumonia or stresses the heart causing myocardial complications and so on. So to get the most out of your Innate Immune Response you must clean up the rest of your lifestyle.

Your habbits are what will determine your immune response to any infection. Eating a balanced diet is the first place to start, I prefer the Mediterranean Diet as the overall best eating style. Short term Keto and Intermittent Fasting (eating 2 day in one 6-8 hour window) are good to occasionally switch to for 6- 8 weeks at a time but no more, then returning to the Mediterranean eating style. Supplements are a MUST in this modern age of extreme pollution and poor food quality. Nutrition Response Testing is an analysis to determine your personal needs at that moment in time where your body “tells” the practitioner exactly what is bothering it and what supplements will support a correction. Wholefood supplements are always best.Being active with walking, running, swimming or participating in a group activity that gets you moving like sports or dancing is very important. Some resistence or weight training is necessary too, just doing cardio is not enough. And last but not least, regular chiropractic to keep your flexibilty and spine free from nerve interference!

In summary a healthly lifestyle gives you the strongest immunity. This doesn’t mean you never get “sick” it means when you are symptomatic your body handles it well and you get over your symptoms relatively quickly. Make sure to always see the chiropractor when you are sick and can travel as spinal adjustments have a positive effect on your immune system. My kids hardly ever missed school due to illness, as they were adjusted regularly and took good quality supplements all the time!

Have healthy Year,

Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

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