Covid Vaccine vs. Holistic Protection

fight or feed your body

“A recent systematic review of the literature concluded that ‘blood vitamin D status can determine the risk of being infected with COVID-19, seriousness of COVID-19, and mortality from COVID-19. Therefore, maintaining appropriate levels of Vitamin D through supplementation or natural methods … is recommended for the public to be able to cope with the pandemic.” This is fact based statement from Dr. Mercola and it is 100% true.

Dr. Mercola as many of you know who follow him is suing Senator Elizabeth Warren for trying to get Amazon to stop selling his books on the Covid Crises for making ‘false claims’. Now Dr. Mercola is one on the most highly research based posters on the internet via his website articles, interviews with leading experts in natural medicine, many of which go against the mainstream. He has published many natural health books and his highly respected in the healthcare world and does not make false claims when it comes to published, scientific fact-based research. He may be a bit more alarmist in his personal opinion on the Covid vaccine than I personally am for instance but his science is always sound. For any politician to use their power to ban any book (free speech) or website is at its core as Un-American as it goes as far as I am concerned.

I think we need to keep all politicians in check on this issue and not let McCarthyism come back into power.

Where my research, personal practice of caring for thousands of people over 35 years differs from Dr. Mercola who stopped seeing patients since starting his online company 20 years ago is that I feel I am more in touch with average person. The average person seeking holistic care will only do so much when they are new to this approach. Dr. Mercola says, “No the vaccine is bad…”. I see things differently on the need for this particular vaccination and see how it will save lives. But I by no means think any vaccine or drugs is a replacement for personal responsibility and living a more normal life where herbs, vitamins and food are 98% of our ‘medicine’.

This Corona Virus Crises is a wake-up call for all modern humans that modern, polluting ways are killing us. We need to rely on common sense when it comes to the environment and our body’s million year old, evolved immune and nervous systems and take care of them using what what it knows best. The plants, minerals and animals around us that it has used to heal our bodies’ works if we don’t poison it. Drugs are great for emergencies but not for daily healthcare.

It is totally true that you can improve your health enough to most likely not get any ‘bad’ reactions when fighting off Covid-19 using Holistic Healthcare. This implies that YOU are regularly using chiropractic, Vitamin A, Quercetin, Zinc, and other immune boosting herbs, minerals and vitamins which have been shown scientifically to ward off Covid-19 as good as and sometimes better than the current medical vaccines. These are proven facts which makes Senator Warren’s witch hunt against Dr. Mercola deplorable. Actually her claims that his comments have no scientific basis are the fraudulent statements.

But the reality of what most Americans and World citizens will do in time to save lives is blaring and not supportive of Holistic therapeutic applications. “The majority of industrialized humans in the US and around the world are over-weight and their lives are based on immediate gratification and an emotional point of view (sympathetic dominant) “I can’t be wrong it must be someone else’s fault”, mentality. This and the corporate farm raised food we eat are making most people simpletons, people that can be lead around with an obvious inflammatory factless social media post which puts them in a “civil war like” grab your guns state of mind! The baseless Facebook comments that people get pissed off at is glaring these days. The average person has to worry more about paying their rent and the stress that causes than they are at paying attention to destructive lifestyle habits like smoking! Ask a smoker if they know it causes cancer and they will tell you, “yes” and puff away. Addiction and stupidity. The odds of that person taking Vitamin D and eating more healthy to avoid dying from Covid are highly unlikely. Therefore my stance has been and still is that the Covid vaccines offer good and reasonable protection for those type of people. Otherwise they will for sure keep dying and spreading the virus to others who due to no fault of their own will also die from Covid-19.

Holistic Healthcare does not work for these majority of human beings.

For now since most of these unhealthy, poorly health-educated individuals are NOT going to start taking $100/month worth of quality supplements and change their eating habits to properly protect themselves and their immune compromised family members they should get the vaccine. The government has tried Healthy Living Campaigns for decades, recruiting fitness gurus like Arnold Swhartzenneger and how well has that worked so far? Not well, the billions in advertising and lobbying that chemical, drug and food corporations spend is winning that battle creating billions of “sick”, lifetime customers who will take their drugs and eat their GMO pesticide ridden foods forever! So for these reasons I am for the humanity that the Covid vaccines offer.

The US Government’s role in suppressing free speech on the holistic measures that can protect our citizens from Covid-19 is wrong and fact-based information sources like need to exist. As long as fact-based independent research organizations and family practitioners like me can support what they say as true no interference from large corporations, social media owners or politicians should be tolerated by the People.

Wall all need to be in constant contact with our Federal and State Representatives letting them know there is scientific and accurate research to support natural healthcare alternatives to drugs and all vaccines. Each of us must be responsible for doing this and not expect our elected officials to just “know” these facts. Remember the drug companies talk to them every week! No one office or any elected official can get it ‘right’ all the time without you and me keeping in contact with them on a regular basis. Remember to to research your facts before you contact them, you don’t want them to ignore you like some Qanon idiot on a rant. DO NOT SEND SOME SOCIAL MEDIA MEMMES OR SOME MENTALLY DEFICIENT QANON RANTING POST THAT YOU READ ON THE INTERNET that says the vaccine is “bad”. These Qanon and ultra conservative extremists who say unsubstantiated things are making our country and world a real mess.

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