Certain Fat Soluble Supplements Seem to Inactive Covid-19 Spike Protein

Standard Process supplements are all whole food supplements

By Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus, Chiropractic Nutritionist

There will be research on Covid coming out for years! This is some of the newest research on fighting Covid after you have the infection or possibly how to prevent it. Most of us are aware or have been made aware that Vitamins, A, D, K and a good fat called Linoleic Acid and minerals like zinc as well as Fish oils are good for fighting inflammation and any infection like Covid-19. But now the mechanism is being more understood. These fat soluble vitamins and even low doe cholesterol drugs seem to shut down or deactivate the infamous Spike Protein of Corona making it unable to enter your cells and infect you and hopefully enabling your immune system to find and get rid of it easier.

 “A study from the University of Bristol published in the journal of the German Chemical Society Angewandte Chemie has shown how they – and other antiviral drugs – might work and inhibit viral infectivity… The simulations from a current research project also predicted that the fat-soluble vitamins D, K and A bind to the spike in the same way making the spike less able to infect cells…1 Thus, one clinical strategy involves supporting patient innate and adaptive immune responses early in the time course of illness, with the goal of improving the timeliness, readiness, and robustness of both the innate and adaptive immune responses.2

Dr Deborah Shoemark, Senior Research Associate (Biomolecular Modelling) in the School of Biochemistry, who modeled the spike, explained: “Our findings help explain how some vitamins may play a more direct role in combatting COVID than their conventional support of the human immune system.

So as I have quoted in many other posts on Covid and natural immune support these supplements are very important. They are all very safe in recommended doses and just make sense to take. Of course make sure you are using a high quality brand that comes from food and is not man-made or synthetic. The synthetic forms just aren’t absorbed as well and waste a lot of energy by your body to get rid of the “non working” molecular components. This is we only use bioidentical and food based, non-GMO, organic supplement brands.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how to improve your defenses from Corona and other germ born illnesses.


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