Whiplash Injuries need chiropractic

Why All Car Accidents Need a Chiropractic Check UP!

Accidents can have lasting effects that will plague for decades but that may not show up for years! You’re 30 you get in “mild” rear-end collision, only $5K in car damage, air bags didn’t even open and you “feel” fine just shaken up. A month later you knees gets stiff and you start having headaches so you take a Tylenol and they “feel” better and you don’t give it a second thought. You do this for a few months it seems normal to you and then they seem to go away, finally. Fast forward 10 years later; you are now 40 yrs old and your knee gets stiff a lot after backyard games or weekends walks and your neck seems to be tight all the time and your right hand falls “asleep” a lot now and you have to shake it to “wake it up”! Finally you call the chiropractor and they take x-rays. You have disc degeneration and arthritis in your knee. That is what that car accident did 10 years ago because you did not get a chiropractor to check you out and relieve the stress on the misaligned joints that slowly continued to “grind” away slowly without any obvious pain during your 30’s. See a chiropractor after every slip and fall, sports accident or car accident.

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