Tom Brady swears by chiropractic

Most Pro Athletes and Famous Super Models Use Chiropractic Care

By Demetrios Kydonieus, DC

Chiropractors have been taking care of professional athletes like Tom Brady,

Dr. Miller, DC, Tom’s “secret weapon”

Jerry Rice, Maurice Jones, Tiger Woods, Serina Williams, Gold medalist Marnie McBean and every other modern Olympian, NFL, MLB, NHL, Pro golfer, Super Model, etc. The research literature supports chiropractic for young and older athletes alike.

They (pro. athletes) all use and swear by a regular schedule of chiropractic adjustments but so do their spouses. Of course NFL greats need and use chiropractic and that makes sense since they get beat up pretty bad in their sport, football. (Read more on Chiropractors in the NFL here). Their super counter parts, ladies with busy careers as well as keeping the family grounded use chiropractic faithfully. Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady’s Victoria Secret Model wife used chiropractic for all her pregnancies.

Gisele Bundchen used chiropractic her entire pregnancy
Super Model, Gisele Bundchen used Chiropractic her entire pregnancy

Moms have been aware of chiropractic benefits for a lot longer. Mom’s like supper model Gisele Bundchen wanted a “painless” natural birth and that was dependent on good prenatal care. She used a great chiropractor and a midwife to accomplish that goal. The supermodel, made regular visits to her chiropractor throughout her pregnancy and still follows-up now after 3 kids. Tom of course uses chiropractic regularly to stay in elite athletic shape and as many of you know they both are very educated on proper nutrition and with a very healthy diet, all part of the chiropractic lifestyle!

Gisele “wanted to be present” during the birth of her child and do it the old fashioned way or naturally. When it came time for her son’s birth, she said that she “felt no pain.” The birth was reportedly quick and painless.

Chiropractic has long been used by pregnant women and I have treated many smart ladies in my 32+ years of caring for people as a chiropractor. I really love it when they come in after the birth to continue their care to get their body “back in shape” and then to have their newborn child checked out! Our saying in the office from one of my early chiropractic mentors is, “It is much easier to grow a healthy child than it is to fix a broken adult”.

According to other media articles and interviews many of the world’s models and famous ladies use chiropractic not just for pregnancy care but for their entire family’s well being. Cindy Crawford is one. In fact, her twins have been seeing a chiropractor since they were young children. According to her, she feels that chiropractic is part of their regular healthcare because she believes that chiropractic is vital to growing bodies and wanted her kids to be as healthy as possible.

So athletes, famous celebs, your neighbors and some of your family swear by chiropractic so what are you waiting for? Call your friend’s chiropractor or if I am close enough to help you call me to get your health in shape today!

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