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Chiropractic Adjusting Safe for Children and Infants

In 2019 the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (Canada) commissioned a review examining the safety of spinal manipulative therapy in children under the age of 10 years. The review findings, authored by Dr Melissa Corso and colleagues, has just been published and can be found at

The review describes adverse events, reports the incidence of adverse events and considers whether spinal manipulative therapy increases the risk of adverse events compared to other interventions.

The review found that most adverse events are mild and short lived (soreness and increased crying). One report of a serious adverse event was found (rib fracture). The incidence of mild adverse events in children under 10 was found to range between 0.3% to 22%.

There were no serious concerns noted during the study for risks related to having your children seen by a chiropractor.

Having adjusted over 5,000 individual children my practice over the last 35 years I can tell you I have never had one adverse reaction to chiropractic and only seen positive things. Ear aches get better faster, children who get adjusted regularly seem to have better school attendance and don’t get sick as much. They are more attentive. Their sports performance is top notch. They eat better (probably because the type of parents that take their kids to chiropractors are health minded and don’t let them eat too much junk food). I’ve seen scoliosises straighten out with consistent chiropractic care as well.

With respect to Idiopathic Scoliosis which means, “doctors don’t know why your child has curve in their spine”, remember the average child falls down and gets back up over 10,000 in their first 10 years! Do you think that may have an affect on their spinal alignment and posture even if they don’t complain of back pain? I am sure it does! Every child needs to be checked by a chiropractor and seen regularly- monthly maybe even though they usually do not complain of back issues. This is just like having them brush their teeth and seeing the dentist for check-ups…why wouldn’t have their spine the main avenue for the nervous system checked regularly checked as well. If you want your child to grow up and be healthier than you then take them to the chiropractor.

See you and the kids in the office for your next chiropractic check-up.

Dr. D, Your Family Chiropractor

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