Quick Stress Evaluation

Stressed...Dr D Can help

Take 1 minute and see where you are and then if you need them, check out Dr. D’s tips for “unwinding” your stress and chillin’ !

How to score your answers: 0- never 1- Occasional 2- Often 3- Sometimes 4- Always

  1. Do you worry about things out of your control ?
  2. Notice tension in your body? Like a clenched jaw, shoulders up high, holding your breathe while doing or reading something, etc.
  3. Feel like “life” of the world is against you?
  4. Trouble dealing/coping with relationships?
  5. Trouble dealing/coping with job?
  6. Feelings of dread, or always battling or being overwhelmed?
  7. Struggle keeping up with your daily work or routine responsibilities?
  8. Feeling behind on your “To Do List”, can’t seem to catch up?
  9. Is your body in go-mode (“fight-or-flight” mode) daily?
  10. Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night?


0-10: You’re doing well at maintaining a healthy and balanced work, social, family, and personal life. Keep up the good work!

11-20: You have some coping mechanisms in place to manage your stress, but you could use some focused attention in this area. 

21-30: It’s critical for you to consider ways to mitigate stress. Plan in time to decompress, recuperate, rest, and process

31-40: You’re approaching burnout. Consider this your wake-up call to make some drastic changes in your life before stress starts affecting your sleep, relationships, or health.  

If you scored a 15 or above, you’ll want to stay tuned for some upcoming research, tips, and strategies from Dr. D.

Dr. D understands that you’re busy running your life and job, managing finances, and holding your personal life together at the same time.

Many of us wear our “busyness” as badges of honor and relish tackling a to-do list longer than the one a day before.

Figure out how to slow down, reduce confrontation and find balance in your life. If you cannot then ask us for HELP. Dr. D’s Holistic Lifestyle and Dietary Stress Coaching can make a difference. You can’t do it alone.