Fees as of 2023

*Fees can change at anytime, please call the office for current costs

Our Basic Fees:

New Patient visit (Comprehensive Exam + adjustment + 2nd visit Report of Findings) ————————— $349

Routine Office visit/spinal adjustment —————————————————————————— $35-$75

Long Office visit >10 minutes due to extra time consulting with you on complex health issues or exercise instructions, home care instructions (ADLs), longer than usual deep tissue therapy ——————————————- $105     

Nutrition Visits less than 15 min ———————————————————————————— $75

Long Nutrition Visits >10 to 25 minutes of extra consultation, new body scan, detecting deeper issues ——–$125

Exercise Instructions NOT COVERED BY Insurance or MEDICARE, – Billed at $35/15 Min block (i.e. 23-30 min session is $70)

Electric Muscle Stim Therapy billed in 15 min blocks (i.e. 23-30 min is $70) —————————————  $35

Focused Light Therapy ————————————— $18/session (FOR SCARS AND NEW CUTS, HELPS THEM HEAL BETTER)

Laser Therapy ————————————— $75/18-15 min per area (FOR INFLAMMATION AND ACUTE INJURIES)

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy——————- $66/session (FOR NEUROPATHY OR CHRONIC PAIN CONDITIONS)

TeleHealth Visits (10-15 min) ——————————————————————————————- $75

Long TeleHealth Visits (16-25 min) ————————————————————————————- $125

TeleHealth NEW PATIENT INITIAL CONSULTATION (30-45 min) ——————————————————- $275

Nutrition New Patient Exam (History, eating/symptom/stress questionnaire and NRT Body Scan) —————– $275

                Also requires an HRV test in the last 30 days which if needs to be done is an additional fee, see below.

Nutrition Re-Exam (An HRV is done with this and is additional, see fee below) ————————————– $175

Re-Exams- (chiropractic) include a history update, physical exam, sEMG and Thermography Testing ————- $175

All re-exams are done regularly to assess your progress.  The doctor usually does this service every 12-15 visits when under acute care OR maintenance care or if your last visit to our office has been longer than 90 days OR if you have a NEW INJURY OR SEFVERE ILLNESS since your last visit. And at least once every 6 months when on regular or maintenance care. 

                Other Tests

Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV) ———————————————————- $75          

Nerve Testing – sEMG, Thermography ——————————————————– $75

                Orthopedic Supplies

Custom made Adult Orthotics —————————————————————— $360-$420

      Initial order ONLY: Buy 2 pair of orthotics and save $100 ($500 for two pair custom orthotics)

Adult re-orders done within 2 yrs of last foot scan are discounted ——————————— $310

Youth Orthotics- kids under 12 years old and under ————————————————- $220

Youth re-orders – done within 2 years of last foot scan are discounted —————————– $175

Orthopedic Braces, belts and pillows —————————————————————– $35-$100

PrePaid Packages (Discounted)

*12 Chiro or 12 Nutrition Visits Pre-Paid Package (chiro and nutrition cannot be combined) —– $700

*6 Session Laser treatment blocks Package——————————————————— $390

*6 Radial Pulse Wave Therapy Package————————————————————— $350 ($90 savings)

*10 Sessions- Focused Light Therapy Package——————————————————– $150 ($30 savings)