Fees as of 2/2022

Our Basic Fees:

New Patient visit (Comprehensive Exam + adjustment + 2nd visit Report of Findings) ————————— $325

Routine Office visit/spinal adjustment —————————————————————————— $30-$65

Long Office visit >10 minutes due to extra time consulting with you on complex health issues or exercise instructions, home care instructions (ADLs), longer than usual deep tissue therapy ——————————————- $105     

Nutrition Visits less than 15 min ———————————————————————————— $65

Long Nutrition Visits >10 to 25 minutes of extra consultation, new body scan, detecting deeper issues ——–$105

Exercise Instructions NOT COVERED BY Insurance or MEDICARE, – Billed at $35/12 1/2 Min block (i.e. 23-30 min session is $70)

Electric Muscle Stim Therapy billed in 15 min blocks (i.e. 23-30 min is $70) —————————————  $35

Focused Light Therapy ————————————— $18/session (FOR SCARS AND NEW CUTS, HELPS THEM HEAL BETTER)

Laser Therapy ————————————— $50/15 min block of time (FOR INFLAMMATION AND ACUTE INJURIES)

Radial Pulse Wave Therapy——————- $65/session (FOR NEUROPATHY OR CHRONIC PAIN CONDITIONS)

TeleHealth Visits (10-15 min) ——————————————————————————————- $55

Long TeleHealth Visits (16-25 min) ————————————————————————————- $90

TeleHealth NEW PATIENT INITIAL CONSULTATION (30-45 min) ——————————————————- $175

Nutrition New Patient Exam (History, eating/symptom/stress questionnaire and NRT Body Scan) —————– $100

                Also requires an HRV test in the last 30 days which if needs to be done is an additional fee, see below.

Nutrition Re-Exam (An HRV is done with this and is additional, see fee below) ————————————– $90

Re-Exams- (chiropractic) include a history update, physical exam, sEMG and Thermography Testing ————- $175

All re-exams are done regularly to assess your progress.  The doctor usually does this service every 12-15 visits when under acute care OR maintenance care or if your last visit to our office has been longer than 90 days OR if you have a NEW INJURY OR SEFVERE ILLNESS since your last visit. And at least once every 6 months when on regular or maintenance care. 

                Other Tests

Heart Rate Variability Testing (HRV) ———————————————————- $75          

Nerve Testing – sEMG, Thermography ——————————————————– $75

                Orthopedic Supplies

Custom made Adult Orthotics —————————————————————— $320

      Initial order ONLY: Buy 2 pair of orthotics and save $100 ($500 for two pair custom orthotics)

Adult re-orders done within 2 yrs of last foot scan are discounted ——————————— $250

Youth Orthotics- kids under 12 years old and under ————————————————- $200

Youth re-orders – done within 2 years of last foot scan are discounted —————————– $165

Orthopedic Braces, belts and pillows —————————————————————– $35-$100

*12 Chiro or 12 Nutrition Visits Pre-Paid Package (chiro and nutrition cannot be combined) —– $600

*10 Session Laser treatment blocks Package——————————————————— $450 ($100 savings)

*6 Radial Pulse Wave Therapy Package————————————————————— $300 ($90 savings)

*10 Sessions- Focused Light Therapy Package——————————————————– $150 ($30 savings)

Complete New Nutrition Patient Program: ———————————————————– $1,800

   Includes:12 regular or long nutrition visits, all supplements for only those 12 visits, 1 in-office Nutrition re-exam, up to 2 HRV’s.  1 year 10% discount on supplements purchased in the office.  We do not control online prices when buying from the manufacturer or supplier even if you have applied for patient account under the doctor.

Basic Nutrition Program ——————————————————————————- $1,000

   Includes: 12 regular nutrition visits, first 30 days of supplements, 1 in-office Nutrition re-exam, 1 HRV test

            Continued Nutrition Programs are then done visit by visit or in 12 Visit Packages, supplements are extra. You have 12 months from date of purchase to use the visits or they will expire.  Supplement prices vary and manufacturers change prices occasionally without notice to us.  Costs range from $10-$200 per bottle.  2 – 12 bottles of specific supplements may be indicated if using nutrition to help your case. The Average patient in this office spends $180 per month on supplements.