Brain Balancing for Vertigo

Some vertigo is cerebellar in origin and increasing cerebellar firing on the affected side is all you need to do to improve Vertigo. This is a simple neurologically based technique that cannot cause any harm. You can also affect inner ear issues with this technique.


The person being assessed stands with their feet together, arms at sides eyes open. Look for lateral sway. Then have them close their eyes and see if that sway increases, this would be the side of Cerebellar weakness. Example the sway or fall to the right! The Cerebellum amoung other things controls unconscious postural balance it keeps you standing upright and not falling down as you move to do what your currently thinking about without thinking of your balance. It is the filter for all sensory input and lets things go to the higher brain or stops them from “bothering” your higher brain function.

While they close their eyes make sure your outstretched arms are by their sides to catch them so they don’t fall. Most people will sway to the weak side and a ‘check reflex’ will jerk them back to the center or the other side if it is real strong (Vertigo). The side of the initial sway is the weak side not the check reflex side. But do not touch them so you can see the sway, unless they look like they are going to fall.

Now you will need to do a Cortex assessment. You will have them open their eyes and look straight ahead at you and look for pupil size, any uneven or larger dilation in one eye indicates Cranial Nerve III or Cortex weakness on that side. You can also have them stick out their tongue and the side it deviates to is the “weak” cortex side, this is Cranial Nerve XII.

Exercise Corrections

The video here does not contain the math or music or show the cotton plugs, it was made for a quick orientation as the movements when performing this in your office.

Now time to fix them. The side of cerebellar weakness is the side they will do small arm circles on for 1 minute. They will only do this movement on that side. They will keep their feet together touching hopefully while they do the arm circles. While they do the arm circles you will stand behind them and lightly tap the base of their skull to stimulate the cerebellum even more. If you have a cold laser this will work even better and faster but keep it moving as the hair follicles will absorb the laser light and generate heat, so is can get hot if you let it stand too still. You will do this for 30-45 seconds on low power, 0.5 to 1.0 watts. I use an 810 it penetrates deeply more than a 630 but a 630 red laser is fine just do 45 to 60 seconds.

Upper Brain or Cortex Stimulation

While they do the arm circles for cerebellar stimulation you will need to have them stimulate the weak cortex side (higher brain function). Right brain is musical (singing, humming to melodic songs), artistic visualization and drawing, and day dreaming activities all come from our Right Brain. Analytical thinking, hand and foot movements come from our Left Brain.

If they had a right tongue deviation then the right cortex is weak, you would have them sing or hum a tune out loud while they do the arm circles on the weak cerebellar side (the side they fall towards). They will be focusing their gaze upward and to the weak side so in this example up and to right while humming “Jingle Bells”. This floods the right cortex with input more than he left. You can further stimulate this by blocking the left ear and left nostril (strong cortex side) with cotton and putting a small amount of essential oil under the right nostril. (I use orange or frankincense essential oils for this aroma stimulation).

If you have left cortex weakness you will have them look up and to the left while doing simple math calculations out load, “2 x 3 is 6, 2 x 4 is 8” and so on. I like to use simple 3 grade multiplication drills out load. When they do this on their own at home which you will have them do they can balance their check book on paper or do a simple multiplication sheet that they can find on the internet and print out and fill in with pen or pencil (again 3rd grade math homework sheets). In the office I have them recite the 2 or 5 times math tables out loud as these are the easiest ones, complexity does not increase your results on the vertigo so keep it simple and less embarrassing for them. You would block the right nostril and right ear(strong side) when stimulating the left cortex and still use the same essential oils as above.

Home exercises

Have them do the standing arm circles for 1 minute 1-3 x day depending on how severe their vertigo is for a week or two. While they do this they should be exercising their weak cortex you found, so looking up and their weak side with cotton in the strong ear and nostril using essential oil under the weak nostril. Now add music, they will be listening to specific music and singing along if they have right cortex weakness or just doing their simple math out loud with left brain music playing in the background if they have a weak left cortex. The music is as follows; for Left Cortex weakness use heavy dance beat music or dramatic classical music like, Beethoven’s 5th, Elvis- Blue Swede Shoes, Rap or Rockabilly, etc. For Right cortex weakness choose a soft relaxing melodic type of music. New Age nature sounds music without a heavy beat works well, like water falls or ocean waves while stringed instruments or horns play peacefully in the background. Classical string quartet music is very good but not Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov‘s Flight of the Bumble Bee- lol. Any easy listening country songs, movie themes, or some relaxing music choices are all right brain stimulators.

One last caveat, if Right cortex weakness is their issue while doing the arm circles you can ask them to imagine their perfect place in extreme detail and in multidimensions; temperature, the feel of the ground under their feet, the dry or moist air on their skin, the colors of their surroundings, the sounds they hear there, etc. This uses their “inner artist” which is right brain activity. When done with the arm circles they can sit and draw a doodle or picture for themselves while the relaxing music plays in the background. If Left cortex is the weakness then when they sit they do one or two 3rd grade math sheets while the heavy beat music plays in the background.

This should relieve most vertigo cases in a week! They should stop these one sided brain exercises when the vertigo is resolved. You should also be re-assessing them weekly as the sides can change and therefore the exercises have to change or you can make it worse. Once their balance is restored no more exercises.

For tough cases you may need to evaluate ear canal involvement but head tilting to see when their balance gets bad. I like to laser the affected or weak side for 30 seconds while they do the arm circles, cortex exercises and eye gazes!