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At Life Enhancing Wellness Centers, LLC the person is our focus and we do everything in our power to get YOU back in the best possible health and fitness you can be based on your history. Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus is your Doctor of Chiropractic using “natural” healing approaches to health restoration, not sick care focused like medical doctors are. We are not against medical care but our goal is to get you so well that you won’t have to continue taking medicines or have surgeries or even need us that much! This cannot always happen and we enjoy working with your medical doctor but it is our goal is educate you as we help you heal so YOU can take charge of your life and health. 

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That is what brings most people to our center.  They are tired of the medical drug scene and want to learn how they can get well and take better care of themselves naturally, without drugs.  Of course a lot of people show up in terrible pain or with some mystery symptom that even their MD could not figure out and we get those people relief, usually very quickly.  We use many “natural” techniques depending on what you need to get  you well to do this.

Our approach is multifaceted.  Dr. Kydonieus’s holistic approach to healing has many therapies or “tools”.  Just as a carpenter uses many tools to fix a damaged wall, he wouldn’t only use a hammer that’d be silly.  He’d need a hammer but he would also need a screwdriver, sheet rock tools, a sander, nails and screws.  Then to finish the job not just patch it and leave he would use a new set of tools for painting to do a complete job.  Just like the carpenter, Dr. Kydonieus looks at your problems by evaluating the entire job to “fix” you and not just get you out of pain. 

Your problems started way before the symptoms showed up!  Dr. Kydonieus starts by listening to you taking a detailed history.  Then as a chiropractor he will do an orthopedic/neurological/chiropractic exam uses high-tech nerve testing and finally he will check out your body chemistry or physiology also using some high equipment and kinesiology for the nutritional evaluation of your problems.  If you don’t have enough of a nutrient your “broken” body needs to heal, all the physical therapy and prescriptions will fall short of getting you well!  This why many patients who have gone to other chiropractors, medical doctors or nutritionists  but just haven’t gotten as well as they know they can come here.  Dr. Kydonieus uses his 35+ years of experience and this multifaceted approach to find the missing pieces of your treatment plan and puts them in action so you can get the results you know you are capable of. 

He uses high tech and “old fashioned” common-sense doctoring to find out what mix of holistic tools he will need to get you well.  Those tools are; nutrition, chiropractic, physical therapy, “brain exercises”, shoe inserts called orthotics and rehab exercise education to get you well and back on track with your life.  Your care plan if you decide to start care at our clinic will consist of more than just one therapy so be prepared for a multidisciplinary approach. 

If you already have a chiropractor and just want him to be your nutritionist we can do that and he can give your chiropractor his thoughts on what might work best for you since he is an expert chiropractor.  If you already have a nutritionist and just need a chiropractor that works too and since some of his analysis techniques overlap he can give your nutritionist his findings so they can customize your nutritional program even better .  But always remember on your visits he will be giving YOU advice on all these things even if you opt not to partake all the therapies he recommends when you begin care here.  He is your doctor and you have chosen him because of how he gets people well.   ALL the healing therapies he recommends in your Report of Findings visit are what he knows will work the best and the fastest, getting you well and back to a healthy and active life!   

If you wish to get well the way your body was meant to, call us today and schedule your new patient consultation now.  If you call after hours please leave a message and our staff will get back to you as quickly as possible as we are very busy and sometimes cannot get to the phone fast enough.

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What We Offer at Our Wellness Center

  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Chiropractic Adjusting
  • Heart Rate Variability Testing for Autonomic Nervous System stress analysis – are you burning out on the “inside”?
  • Surface EMG (muscle nerve testing)
  • Spinal Thermography (“organ” nerve testing)
  • Neurotransmitter and hormone saliva testing (most accurate method)
  • Organic Acids Testing for metabolism, mold and chemical toxicity (urine test)
  • Nutritional Blood Testing when necessary
  • Hair Analysis when necessary – sent out to an independent lab
  • Physical Therapy, ask your MD to refer you here to get PT and Chiro in one place!
  • Cold Laser Therapy for acute and chronic injuries like sprain/strains
  • Electric Muscle Stim for pain relief
  • Massage Therapy  (deep tissue and light work)
  • Custom Flexible Orthotics by Foot Levelers. Computerized 3D foot scan and full biomechanical posture report.

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