flat feet hurt but can be helped
Flat Feet cause pain that only a custom shoe insert can help

Why over-pay at shopping center stores for “off the shelf premade” orthotics when you can have custom molded orthotic for less money? Ours are made for you based on the doctor’s orders for only $400/pair. We use the lateest high tech laser foot scanner to make an exaxt impression of your sore feet. That image goes to the custom shop where a 3-arch, flexible, shock absorbing pair of custom orthotics made specially for you to correct YOUR foot issues. Our doctor has over 36 years of biomechanical expertiese, why would you trust a store salesperson?

Dr. Kydonieus is a biomechanical expert that has made ove 10,000 pairs of custom orthotics for his chiropractic patients in his almost 40 year career as a chiropractor and joint expert! He has cared for Olympic athletes and families for decades.

He is right on Highway 29 in Ruckersville, Virginia and can help you today.

You do not have to be a patient to have custom orthotics made, walk-ins are always welcome.

We are open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 10-1, 3-7 so call us today!


Take 1 minute and listen to Dr. Tipp of Texas Chiropractic explain why Foot Levelers Orthotics just work better!